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Standard crib or convertible crib? Changing table? Breast or bottle? Do I need bottles if I breastfeed? Cloth or disposable? How hard is it to use cloth diapers? When should I look for a nursing bra? What kind of stroller do I need? When do I move my baby into a convertible car seat? Aaaaaargh!

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Trying to navigate the overwhelming world of baby gear and products? You probably have a lot of questions - let us help. The Baby Department is your place to sit down with a baby on your breast and read about the essential products and gear you’ll need to get you through the next 24 months. The Baby Department is an independent, and sometimes sassy voice in the world of baby gear. We're not biased toward any manufacturer or retailer because we don't sell the baby products or services you'll see reviewed on this site. We are passionate and excited about everything babies. We love some products and don’t like others and we’re not afraid to tell you! We’ll give you the run-down about the latest video baby monitor and our opinions about the annoyance of undershirts.

So, sit, relax, and look around. You’ll find pages on every essential and accessory piece of baby gear. You’ll find honest, candid information about everything from cribs to maternity clothes to those cheesy, nobody-wants-them First Christmas sleepers. We’ll tell you if you really don’t need a piece of furniture.

Come back each month to learn about your baby’s developmental stages, activities and games to play, and gear for each stage. Use our printable checklists as a guide to keep you sane during the on-going whirlwind of baby preparation. The greatest thing about motherhood is learning from those who have gone before you and those alongside you. Let The Baby Department ease the ride and offer the comic relief when you need it most.