What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby may surprise you with a few concrete words this month. Babies just learning to talk may master a word and use that word to refer to many different things or people. Don't be surprised if your baby starts calling you, the bowl and the dog "Cheese!"

If your baby is an expert cruiser side-stepping around the table, you may notice they can pull themselves up to the table and get back down to the floor safely this month. If your baby climbs up a few stairs, they may be able to climb back down when the panic sets in – always be there just in case they can't quite make it.

This month your baby may begin to master use of their opposable thumb. They may start picking up finger foods, sippy cups, and small toys with their first finger and thumb. A long way from the whole hand approach!

Your baby is also communicating and expressing emotion more everyday. They will physically respond to approval and disapproval with happy or sad faces, even giggles and crying. Your baby will loudly protest when you do something they don't like and loudly encourage when you do something they do like.

Your baby will be sensitive to the emotions of other babies as well – prepare for those public chain reactions when a baby near you starts crying, then your baby starts crying, then another baby starts crying.

Curiosity is still developing – if you hide something, they will look for it. Your baby is beginning to realize they are a little person with emotions, likes, and dislikes. You may notice the quest for independence starting this month.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby likes to play with any household item they can get their hands on. Take advantage of your assets and play with what you have.

  • Cut a hole in the lid of a coffee can, any tin can with a lid will do. Cut different sized "coins" from a thick cardboard. Let your baby feed the coins to the bank, then remove the lid to get the coins out.
  • Have you noticed how much your baby enjoys the box the toy came in, but forgets about the toy? Ask around at local stores for a refrigerator or floor model television box. Once you get the box home, turn the box into a house. If you can't find a large box, remove the ends off a few smaller boxes and create a tunnel your baby can crawl through.
  • Play clapping and finger games with your baby. Pat-a-cake is a simple clapping game that your baby may pick up easily. You can also try the itsy bitsy spider. Do a demonstration or two and help your baby with the movements while you sing along.

Your baby is eager to use their hands and play independently. Here are a few baby products you can introduce to encourage independent play and exploration.

Feeding Baby Care
  • A bath seat for your baby to sit in the tub and splash around.
  • A piggy bank for your baby to start saving money for their college education.
  • An indoor tent for your baby to crawl through, play in, and nap in.
  • Finger puppets to entertain and amuse your baby.
  • Nesting blocks that make it easy for your baby to stack and topple.
  • An indoor play house for your baby to crawl through and play in.
  • A jogging stroller may give your baby's growing legs some extra room.
  • A baby backpack for those outdoor hikes when your baby is too heavy to carry up front.

Take a look at the fun and messy play you'll have with thesebaby products at eleven months.

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