What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby's attention span is lengthening and curiosity is taking hold. Small items like a pebble, bugs, and a feather will hold your baby's attention. If your baby isn't focusing on something, they may be staring intently at different objects, silently figuring out what it is and how it works.

Language comprehension continues to improve. When you ask "Where's your teddy bear?" or "Where's your Daddy?" your baby will look in the right direction. You may even hear dada or bear. Simple words make up most of your baby's vocabulary. They like to say them and hear them, so point out small items in the house or flip through picture books designed to show pictures of clothing, food, furniture, toys, plants, and animals and name each item you see.

Your baby is learning how to get along with others and how to communicate. They will try hard to get you to understand what they want. They will wave bye-bye when prompted. They are also learning their boundaries and may listen every once in a while.

All babies this age love praise and applause from their parents. They love to be watched and will do anything cute or entertaining to catch your attention. They always want you around and may become very upset when left alone to play or are left with a babysitter.

Your baby is still shy with strangers, although adjusting to regular sitters. Always kiss and hug your baby good-bye and offer reassurance that you will be back. It is hard to walk away from your crying child, but rest assured, they will be fine in five minutes time once they are distracted by toys and other children.

Fun games and activities to play: Tiny objects entertain, language games amuse and simple puzzles will hold your baby's attention.

  • Bring your baby to the park and gather a small pile of things from nature: a twig, a stone, a leaf, a pine cone. Let your baby play and discover these items on their own.
  • Flip through a picture book. Point out and name objects for your baby; let your baby point out and name objects for you.
  • Using chairs, boxes, pillows and blankets, create an obstacle course for your baby to climb over, crawl through, and hide in.

Your baby is growing and becoming more active as each day passes. But they are content to sit and play for longer periods of time. You need bigger gear to accommodate their size and toys that will challenge them. Here are a few baby products that will keep them busy.

  • A rocking horse is a common nursery staple loved by most babies.
Baby Care
  • Stick-on thermometer strips to monitor your baby's temperature when sick. These are priceless for babies that just won't slow down for a traditional mouth or ear thermometer.
  • Large-format, board picture books for your baby to flip through on their own or with you.
  • Bead and wire toys so your baby can slide a bead along a winding, twisting path.
  • A lightweight umbrella stroller that folds up compactly and is easy to take anywhere.
  • You may want to make the switch to a convertible car seat if your baby weighs 20 pounds and is one year old.

Keep your baby safely moving. Take a look at baby products for fourteen month old.

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