What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby will soon be a full-blown toddler. Crawling and cruising are still the name of the game for most, but those few independent steps will soon become walking. Some babies don't truly walk until closer to 18 months, but the need to explore starts now. Your baby is moving, moving, moving: opening doors, lifting toilet seats, moving chairs. If you haven't baby proofed your home with a variety of gadgets, do it now.

The need to touch, bang, poke, and shake everything in sight is hard to resist for babies at this age. They want to go, go, go and don't like to be held back or restrained. Testing their boundaries is just a part of this age, so be prepared for tantrums and meltdowns as they learn where those boundaries lie.

Your baby is learning to communicate when they want something. They can let you know when they want a cracker or something to drink. They are also learning how to ask for help.

The independent streak keeps going as your baby works on self-feeding, mastering the sippy cup, and taking their clothes off – getting their clothes back on is another story.

Playtime is changing as well. You may notice your baby will play independently for longer periods of time – although they still prefer to play with you. Pretend play is new and exciting, so expect to be served a cup of tea or be engaged in a role play of mommy and baby – you get to be the baby.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby likes to move and pretend. Here are a few active games and pretend activities you can play to tire out your little one.

  • Head to the park and introduce your baby to the infant playground. Let them climb up the rubber tire ladder, slide down the slide, and swing on the swings. Chase each other around the park, then sit and have a snack in the grass.
  • Bring your baby to the local swimming pool and take them for a swim. If your local pool has a warm pool, try the warm pool first, especially if this is your baby's first time in the water. Place your hands under your baby's back or hold them under their arms and watch those arms and legs splash and kick.
  • Grab a doll or teddy bear, one for each of you, and bring your babies for a walk. Change them, feed them, and put them down for a nap. Don't be surprised if you turn into the baby and your baby turns into the parent.

Encourage your baby's need to move and pretend this month with the following tools, toys and baby products.

Baby Care
  • Washable bath crayons are the perfect way to make a bath entertaining.
  • A can of shaving foam soap makes washing much more fun than ordinary soap.
  • A riding push car is a great way to get your mobile baby moving without the complications of pedals.
  • A play kitchen, complete with sink and stove, is a favorite role play and the best way to get yourself a pretend burger.
  • A moving, musical, talking stuffed toy or doll will excite your baby and maybe, encourage them to dance.
Travel For Mom
  • A variety of childproofing products will help you child proof your house now that your baby is mobile and moving faster.

There are a variety of touch and feel baby products for fifteen month old.

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