What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your toddler is experimenting with new ways to move. Instead of walking forward, they may walk sideways or backwards. Toddlers really want to run, so don't be surprised if your toddler picks up the speed. Expect a few bumps and bruises, or head on collisions with the door – toddlers learning to run tend to look over their shoulder instead of looking in front of them.

By the end of the month, your toddler will be able to hold a bucket or box in one hand and put small toys or blocks in the bucket with the other hand. The grasping, holding, and releasing of the past few months have finally paid off. Filling a container and dumping it out are still a favorite past time, but now your toddler can dump the container while standing which makes the banging and clacking noises even louder.

Conversations are becoming quite interesting. Your toddler can say about 15 words, although "no" is still a favorite. When asked, your toddler can name a handful of familiar items and is quickly learning more.

Your toddler is still trying to test their boundaries and figure out the rules. They understand simple commands, but they don't want to follow them all the time. Cooperation and sharing are two concepts they are still working on – sometimes they share and sometimes they'd rather take their toys and play alone just to avoid sharing.

Setting and reinforcing limits and examples of good behavior will help your toddler to understand the rules and why they should follow them. Your toddler is still figuring out what's theirs and what isn't – once they figure this out, the familiar friendly and loving side will begin to shine through.

Fun games and activities to play: Your toddler's manual dexterity is improving and their curiosity is never wavering. Introduce some new activities that will encourage their newly developed skills.

  • Set up a ball toss or bean bag toss with a few balls or bean bags and a laundry basket. Set the basket a few feet away and let your toddler toss the balls into the basket. They will enjoy filling the basket and picking out all the balls to start over again.
  • Create a scavenger hunt in your house or backyard. Hide eggs filled with crackers, blocks, magnets, and other small toys, give your toddler a bucket or basket, and walk around with them to find all the treats you've hidden.
  • Bring some pie tins outside, make mud pies and pretend to eat them.

Bumps, bruises, scrapes and grasp-hold-drop skills are daily rituals this month. Here are a few baby products you'll want to keep nearby.

Baby Care
  • A first aid kit to mend all those scrapes and scratches.
  • A bottle of witch hazel and cotton pads to help the bumps and bruises.
  • Interactive, educational toys such as Fisher Price Learn Through Music Tablet are perfect for using games to teach simple concepts.
  • A soft, colorful photo album for you to fill with pictures of your family for your toddler to look at.
  • A shopping cart filled with groceries that your toddler can put in and take out of the cart over and over again.

Get creative with these baby products at twenty months.

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