What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your toddler is slowly calming the desire to hit, push, and bite, but still uses poking, nudging, and pushing as a way to express interest in another child. Help your toddler to touch others gently, reinforce the need for sharing and proper manners. Explain when and how to use words such as "Hello," "Please" and "Thank you" and reinforce them daily.

Your toddler is still learning to share, but they are developing an attachment to certain toys and may not want to share those toys. Help your toddler find toys they are willing to share and always bring a few toys with you when visiting friends – your toddler will be happy to know they can play and then bring their toys home.

By the end of this month, your toddler will be able to say about 20 words. They will be able to name body parts and point to them and ask for a few things by name, such as cup, blanket and hat. They will be able to name a few different animals and make the appropriate sounds.

You will see quite a change in your toddler during their 21st month. They are becoming more independent every day and want to be self-sufficient. They can wash and dry their hands, drink from a cup and hold it steady, put their toys away in the proper place with your help, and put their shoes on and wait for you to tie them.

Toddlers at this age love to be naked, just as much as they like to try new things. Your toddler may dress and undress many times throughout the day and some days it may be impossible to get them in clothes. Reverse psychology works on many 21 month olds – use it while you can.

Fun games and activities to play: Encourage your toddler's independence and imagination by introducing these new activities.

  • Collect a selection of different animal masks, or make a set of masks using paper plates, markers, construction paper, string, and glue. Try on the different masks with your toddler and pretend you are that animal. Crawl around on all fours and make the appropriate noise.
  • Pull out the dress up box and role play. Turn your toddler into a princess, a pirate, an elephant, or a ladybug.
  • Sit and have a formal tea party with all your Ps and Qs.
  • Shake a container of buttons onto the floor and let your toddler sort them.

This age is all about learning through play and practicing independent behaviors. Here are a few baby products that will help make playtime fun.

  • A table and chair set for toddlers who want to sit in a chair closer to the ground.
Baby Care
  • A step stool to help your toddler reach the bathroom sink, climb into the tub, and grab toys that are just out of reach.
  • A pair of Velcro toddler shoes that your toddler can put on and take off without your help.
  • A tea set to encourage pretend play and sharing.
  • Pull-apart, Velcro food so your toddler can create special sandwiches and fruit salads to share.
  • A box of dress up clothes for your princess or pirate to play Halloween all year long.
  • A doctor's bag filled with a few doctor's implements so your toddler can fix your boo-boo's and ouches.
  • A backpack for your toddler to carry their toys, pajama's, and blanket when visiting with friends and family.

Your toddler is on the move! Check out the gear and toddler products you'll want for your twenty two month old.

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