What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your toddler is enjoying those activities which require them to use their fine motor skills: rolling balls of play dough or clay, threading smaller beads onto string, connecting magnets, fitting puzzle pieces together or playing with construction toys. Play sets with people that can be moved around from house, to car, to bus, engage these skills and stimulate their imagination.

Toddlers are learning to show affection and like to do things with others more often. Toddlers like to play tag and pull their toys around in a wagon or push them in a stroller. They are showing affection easily and at appropriate times. They like to wrap their dolls and stuffed toys in blankets and tuck them in bed. They want to go for walks and play with you just as much, but they are branching out and looking for kids their age.

Running is the preferred choice for getting from A to B, but toddlers are still working on stopping or turning corners without bumping into the walls or falling. Balancing on the curb or a low wall is fun new past time, but they need you to hold onto their hand and take it slow.

Your toddler is also getting ready to tackle potty training. They may be able to recognize when they have to pee or poop and may give you a sign like crouching in the corner, moving away while holding their breath and pushing, or opening their eyes wide and falling silent. Your toddler knows what is happening, but they are not yet able to control it and run to the bathroom.

Fun games and activities to play: Fine motor skills and interactions with others are the tasks this month. Join in the fun with these games and activities.

  • Set out a magazine, a pair of safety scissors, a piece of construction paper and a glue stick. Let your toddler create a collage masterpiece.
  • Go for a walk through your neighborhood and play I Spy.
  • Read The Cheerios Counting Book with a bowl of Cheerios. Let your toddler fill the spaces with Cheerios, and eat them.
  • Install a baby bike seat on your bicycle and bring your toddler for a bike ride through the park. They will love pointing out tress and birds to you, but don't be surprised if they fall asleep on the ride home.

Your toddler is on the move with their baby or teddy in tow. Here are a few baby products to help keep them moving.

Baby Care Playtime
  • A tricycle for your toddler to ride around.
  • A potty training doll to familiarize your toddler with the process.
  • A swing set or a single toddler swing for the backyard to excite or relax your toddler.
  • A stroller or wagon to bring their dolls and teddy bears for a walk.
  • A baby bike seat so you can take your toddler for a bike ride.
  • A toddler bike helmet to protect your toddler's head during the ride.

Take a look at the toddler products meant to excite and interest your twenty three month old.

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