What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your toddler is probably talking up a storm this month. Most toddlers can name almost everything they see in their daily adventures. They can ask for specific foods and drinks. They will answer basic questions such as "What is your name?" and "What does a pig say?"

When talking, most children this age can use short phrases like "That mine," "Yes, please," and "Go away," in the right context, but they will still find it funny if you accidentally call a cat a pig. They will even ask questions to just to keep the conversation going. They understand the urgency of "now" and are beginning to understand the meaning of "soon" and are learning to wait.

Your toddler is pretty comfortable in the house and knows where to find the things they need or want and where to put things when it is time to tidy up.

Play time is a mix of active and quiet time. Your toddler will sit and look through books and can turn the pages all by themselves. They can build larger towers of about eight blocks and will build more elaborate structures with construction toys. Magnetic toys are becoming more interesting at this age and their enthusiasm continues to grow for many months.

Toddlers are watching the world around them and becoming more curious about other families. They will approach other mothers with babies and other children the same height as themselves. Your toddler may like to play with other children, but that doesn't mean they are ready to share their toys yet. They still like to do things their way and want others to follow. If they don't get their way, your toddler may become quite bossy.

Opening doors, drawers, closets, and bottles with screw-top lids are easy for your toddler – their manual dexterity has been fine-tuned these past few months. They understand how these things work and have the dexterity to make them work.

They are learning more about the potty, but most have no interest in using it yet. Toddlers still like to copy others' behavior – the more time they spend with older children, the more interested they will be in accomplishing the next round of milestones.

Fun games and activities to play: Children around 23 months are interested in how things work and watching other living beings: babies, bugs, monkeys. Toys they can pull apart or use and reuse are of great interest. Encourage their exploration with these games and activities.

  • Go for a leisurely walk through the park. Look at trees, find bugs, and smell flowers. Stop and ask questions every step of the way. "What color is the tree?" "Is it rough or smooth?" "Do you see an ant on that leaf?" "Where is that ant going?"
  • On a warm and sunny day, bring a dish of water outside. Step inside the dish to wet your feet, and then run all over the sidewalk or driveway. Stop and watch your footprints evaporate.
  • Give your toddler a large, strong magnet and walk around the house and outside to find things that will stick to the magnet.

Watching how things work and observing live creatures are favorite past times this month. Here are a few baby products that will excite your toddler and keep them watching

  • A toddler bed may be the perfect size for your growing toddler.
  • A bug catcher to catch bugs and observe them for a while.
  • An Aqua Doodle play mat so your toddler can paint with water indoors.
  • A water wheel that attaches to the bathtub. Pour water in the top and watch your toddlers eyes widen when the wheel starts to turn.
  • A set of magnetic sticks and ball bearings for your toddler to stick together and pull apart.

The fun is just starting! It's a whole new world of toddler products for your 2 year old.

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