What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: By the second month your baby may be up longer during the day and sleeping longer during the night. Feedings may be every three to four hours instead of every hour and a half. This means more time for play!

Near the beginning of the month, your baby will start to lose that newborn jumpiness that comes with adapting to space and gain more muscle control. They will start to weave their arms now and not be frightened by the movement. Expect to see your baby kicking their legs as if riding a bicycle when they get excited. They may be lifting their head and looking from side to side to follow your face, but they still need you to support their neck.

Your baby will also become more interactive and interested in the world around them. Longer daytime hours mean more time for play! They may start to stare at their hand and reach for dangling toys or parts of your face.

By the end of the month, your baby will start to move around a bit more, maybe even rock from side to side and roll from side to back.

Smiles are the real excitement this month. You may notice when you smile, your baby smiles back. Your baby may even smile spontaneously when gazing up at you.

Keep talking to your baby. Your baby now knows your voice – when you talk, they will look in your direction. They love to hear the excitement in your voice when they do something new. They will start to coo and gurgle more and louder this month. The more attention and interaction they receive from you, the more you will get in return. Let the fun begin!

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby likes to listen to you talk and look at the world around them. This is the month to engage them and show them the world.

  • Sit with your baby facing you on your lap and make funny faces. Smile, open your eyes wide and then close them, blink, flex your nostrils, stick out your tongue, nod, shake your head back and forth, and tilt your head to one side. Watch your baby's reaction. How does your baby respond? With smiles, coo's, squirming, or mimicking?
  • Talk to your baby and allow some time for your baby to respond. When your baby coo's or gurgles or grunts, repeat the noise with an exclamation or as if posing a question. Taking turns in the conversation teaches your baby how to talk.
  • Play music, whether soft lullabies or active children's songs, cuddle your baby, and move slowly and gently around the room. Your baby likes the sound of music and loves the gentle swaying of being held and rocked.
  • Go for walks to give your baby a change of scenery. If it's too cold outside, head to the local mall.

Both your body and your baby's body are undergoing many changes this month. Here are a few baby products you'll want to have around the h Nursery

  • A newborn pacifier to satisfy your baby's natural urge to suckle.
  • A bottle of baby massage oil to lightly massage your baby's head and body. Babies thrive on touch and this is a gentle way to stimulate their limbs and calm them.
  • If breastfeeding, a good breast pump to help increase your milk supply and store a bit away for when you need a break.
  • A microwaveable bottle sterilizer so you can quickly and easily sterilize your bottles between uses.
Baby Care
  • A baby bath tub to bathe your wriggling baby.
  • A terrycloth bath mitten to help you get a good grip on your wet and slippery baby.
  • Sew a bell to your baby's sock or buy booties with stuffed animals and people attached to the toes. All babies enjoy lying on their back and kicking their feet in the air. Something interesting on their feet will make it much more interesting.
  • A baby activity gym or a play mat to stimulate and encourage your baby to move while giving you a little hands-free time.
For Mom
  • A new outfit to keep your self-esteem and spirit up during these days of exhaustion and spit up.
  • A cleaning service once a week or every two weeks to help you out around the house.

Bring on the Jolly Jumper! Check out the baby products you'll need for your three month old.

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