What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: By the third month your baby is becoming more and more interested about themselves and the world. They know how to control their hands and feet and are fascinated by watching them and moving them around. They also like to look and listen to different things and appreciate a change in scenery just as much as we do!

Motor control and strength is improving. Your baby can hold their head and back up with support, lift their head, lean on their elbows, and will begin to push with their arms and legs. They may be able to grab onto and hold a small toy or rattle.

Be prepared for squeals and grunts of delight when your baby first grabs onto that dangling toy on their play mat and holds on. Also be prepared for the frustration and tears when those limbs just won't do what your baby wants them to.

Your baby will begin to look for favorite toys and watch when things fall off the table or out of their hands. They will watch them fall, but they don't know where they've gone.

This month also brings the joy of laughter. Your baby will begin to laugh and giggle along with those gurgles and coo's. A baby laughs and the world laughs – or cries – with them.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby likes to listen to you talk and look at the world around them. This is the month to engage them and show them the world.

  • Lay your baby on the floor and move your baby's arms and legs in a bicycle motion and up and down. Let your baby push against your hands with their feet to help them strengthen their legs.
  • Hold your baby so they are facing away from you and walk around the house. Point things out to your baby and name them as you walk around. This helps your baby to recognize the names of objects in your house.
  • Play peek-a-boo by hiding your face or your baby's face very briefly with your hands or a washcloth. Ask "Where's your mommy?" or "Where's my baby?" Then move your hands away and exclaim "Peek-a-boo!"
  • Lay your baby on the sofa or on a padded mat on the floor, sit on the floor and lean over your baby. Choose a rattle with a soft, tingling sound and gently shake the rattle above your baby's head. Move it around your baby in circles, up and down, off to one side, or above their head and watch your baby's eyes follow the sound.

Your baby is becoming more active and interactive this month. Here are a few baby products you'll want to have on hand to encourage safe and unhindered play.

  • An infant activity center that attaches to the crib and plays music and moving pictures or a light show will entertain your baby and lull them off to sleep.
Baby Care
  • A few form fitting one piece baby rompers so your baby doesn't get caught on any toys during those explorations.
  • A bar of mild baby soap or a liquid baby soap to rid your baby of the telling scent of spit up.
  • A pair of nail clippers will help you keep those sharp nails trim and dull. Babies at this age are finally at a stage where you can begin to use them with some success.
  • A baby bouncer is a well-loved toy by many babies at this age. The freedom to jump and swing is truly exciting for babies just learning about their legs.
  • Toys that squeak when you squeeze them and musical toys that rock back and forth engage and incite your baby to action.
  • A bouncy or vibrating chair is a favorite accessory of many parents. These keep babies content and entertained so you can wash the dishes or relax.

It's time to have fun at the dinner table and in the bath tub. Take a look at the baby products you'll want for your four month old.

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