What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby is becoming more and more active as each day passes. This month, you will begin to see just how much energy your baby has in that tiny little body that never seems to stop. By the end of the month, rolling is old hat and you will begin to see your baby push up on their hands and knees. Your baby will even stand up if you hold them under the arms!

Your baby knows exactly who you are and may start playing strange with strangers. Your baby begins to cling to you this month and may even start to cry when you leave. This marks the age of separation anxiety. Your baby needs to know you are coming back; they need to trust you. Always say good-bye when you are leaving and always tell your baby that you are coming back.

Your baby will become more interested in toys that make noise and flash as the month goes on. Figuring out what button to press to hear a specific noise is a big game this month.

Toys that your baby can touch, watch, chew, gum, suck and bang together are big hits from this month. Interactive, textured, stacking and noisy toys are the key to holding your baby's interest.

Watch your baby's mouth this month. You will hear new sounds, even new words like ma-ma, da-da, ooh, and bye-bye. By the end of the month, your baby will be watching you speak and try to imitate your words and copy what you say. Welcome to the wonderful world of babbling!

Fun games and activities to play: Object permanence is a key concept your baby is learning this month; your baby is beginning to understand that things still exist, even when they can't see them. A whole host of peek-a-boo games and more await.

  • Play peek-a-boo with a variety of items, a favorite toy, rattle, and your face. Peek-a-boo takes on a whole new meaning this month.
  • Sit your baby on your lap facing you and talk in complete sentences and short phrases. Let your baby watch your lips and imitate you.
  • Blow bubbles for your baby so they can watch them float up and away.

Your baby is becoming quite tactile and likes to touch and hear different noises. There are a variety of baby products that make noise that can encourage their curiosity.

  • An interactive activity center that attaches to the crib will entertain your baby while you organize the laundry.
Baby Care
  • Two piece outfits, a short- or long-sleeved top and pants are the best ensembles for babies at this age. They give the freedom of movement without the entanglement of a one-piece sleeper.
  • Baby booties or socks are a must to protect the tops of your baby's feet from rubbing on the ground.
  • An exersaucer offers tactile and auditory stimulation and allows your baby to bounce, turn, and play.
  • It's hard to keep babies entertained in the car for long periods of time at this age. They have so much energy! A portable kick and play mat for the car attaches to your back seat so your baby can kick and watch the mat light up, flash, and play music – the perfect way to relieve some of that energy on a long trip.
  • Stacking rings help improve eye-hand coordination and are fun to pile on and take off over and over again.
  • Toys with texture that crinkle, squeak, tingle, rattle, and vibrate when you pull, push or shake them.
  • Soft, squeaky blocks that can be piled on top of each other and knocked over without fear of injury.

Encourage your baby's need to grab, fill and pour. There are lots of exciting products for your 6 month old baby.

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