What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: The activity never ends. Your baby may be rolling across the room, creeping across the floor on their stomach, and starting to crawl. Keep watch – they move faster than you think!

Your baby's legs are strengthening as well. Your baby will love to stand, bounce, and maybe take a step or two if you hold onto their hands.

Your baby may be sitting up on their own by the end of the month. Always place a pillow or blanket around your baby to ensure a soft landing. Stay nearby; you may need to help your baby get out of an awkward position.

If your baby is going to play strange, this month you will definitely see it. It can be distressing, but it is a good thing – your baby can tell the difference between people they know and people they don't know.

If your baby hasn't cut any teeth yet, expect those first two to pop through this month. Teething usually begins during the sixth month, so expect lots of drool, rosy cheeks, inflamed gums, and crankiness. Teething is painful, so keep a few teething rings and green onions in the house – you'll need them.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby likes to grab, fill, and pour. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that encourage this model of play.

  • Bring out the wooden spoon and the pot and let your baby go crazy.
  • Fill a large bowl or bin with puffed wheat or rice cereal. Give your baby a measuring cup, a sieve, and a spoon. Watch as your baby fills and pours and squishes the cereal in their hands.
  • Fill a paper bag with blocks or squeaky toys and watch as your baby crumples the bag trying to get the toys out.
  • Place a boat in your baby's bath. Let your baby watch it float and show your baby how to sink it.

Your baby loves to fill empty containers and wants to move – two activities which are easily encouraged with the following baby products.

  • A night light so your baby can always see the familiar surroundings of the nursery.
Baby Care
  • A pair of soft-soledbaby shoes to protect your baby's feet while still allowing your baby to feel the ground.
  • Oddly shaped toys that are pliable, like Manhattan Toys Skwish or Winkel. The Winkel can be refrigerated creating a cool, soothing teether.
  • Stacking cups that can be stacked, knocked over, and filled with toys.
  • Simple shape sorters that can be used not only as a shape sorter, but as a container so your baby can fill the container and dump it out repeatedly.

Take a look at the baby products you'll want for your seven month old.

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