What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby's strength is improving everyday. Expect to see them sitting up without support as their lower back gets stronger. Sit your baby down with a few toys and they may keep themselves busy for a little while.

Strength and motivation to really move will soon have your baby on all fours and crawling across the room. If your baby isn't crawling, place a toy just out of arms reach to inspire them to crawl or creep forward.

Your baby may even start cruising the furniture by the end of the month. At the very least they'll have a death-grip on the table if you stand them up and lean them against it. Standing on their own may still be a little intimidating, but you'll see your baby propel themselves forward if you finger-tip walk them around the room.

Eye-to-hand coordination is improving as well. Your baby can pass a toy from one hand to the other and easily reach out and grab a toy without pause.

Your baby is beginning to show their feelings and can communicate happiness, anger, and discomfort. If you blow them a kiss, they may blow you a kiss back. They will clap their hands and repeat an action or a word if applauded.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby listens to you talk, imitates what you say, and tries to mimic the way your mouth moves. This is a great time to start language games.

  • Encourage your baby to blow and click their tongue. Your baby may already be experimenting with these building blocks of language, but you can encourage them. Face your baby and click your tongue. Show them what you are doing and watch them mimic you.
  • Show your baby a glass of milk and a straw. Blow bubbles into the milk and let your baby watch the bubbles froth in the milk. Let them try to blow bubbles into the milk.
  • Lie your baby on the sofa or on a padded mat on the floor. Lean over your baby and touch different body parts. As you touch a part of their body, name it: This is your foot. Where are your toes? Here they are. This is your mouth. Touch the same areas on your body and name those as well: This is mommy's mouth. This is mommy's nose.

Your baby continues to learn about their body and the things they can do with it. There are many baby products that can encourage learning and many childproofing gadgets to protect your baby from the bumps and bruises of exploration.

  • Your baby is interested in feeding themselves. At the very least they want to play with the spoon. You will want a few baby spoons that have thick, textured handles so your baby can hold onto them.
  • A small, lightweight ball that your baby can pass from hand to hand and roll around.
  • A simple blowing toy like a kazoo or harmonica to help your baby learn to blow.
For Mom
  • Cover the sharp corners of your tables with corner and edge guards.

Music moves front and center. Take a look at the baby products you'll want for your eight month old.

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