What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: This month is all about mobility, learning new concepts, and communication. You may notice your baby sitting up straighter and for longer periods of time without using their hands for support. You may also notice your baby reaching for toys without falling over. Manual dexterity is improving as well – your baby will be picking up small items like buttons and popsicle sticks.

Your baby will definitely be cruising the furniture this month. Expect to see a lot of laps around the living room table as your baby practices for fully independent walking.

Your baby is beginning to connect what they hear to what they see. Now when you say "Look at the duck," your baby will look around for the duck. When they hear a telephone ring, even on the television, they'll look in the direction of the telephone. Your baby will even know the sound of their name.

You'll also notice your baby becoming more assertive and expressive this month. If separation anxiety has set in, your baby will protest very loudly when you leave. Take a toy away and you'll hear it. On the flipside, you'll also know when your baby is happy from the smiles, giggles, and babbles that will fill the room.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby is beginning to figure out how things work and understand simple words. Simple word games and hide-and-seek games will be a lot of fun this month.

  • Sit down with your baby and flip through a set of flash cards. Show your baby a picture of a teddy bear and give them their teddy bear at the same time. Point to the picture and the bear and tell your baby "That's a teddy bear."
  • Play hide-and-seek with toys and people. Hide behind the table and say, "Where is Mommy?" Peek around the corner to see if your baby is trying to find you.
  • Hide a small toy under a stacking cup and ask your baby to find the toy. Ask questions such as "Is it in your hand? Is it behind the bear? Is it under the cup?"
  • Put on some music when your baby is cruising the table. Dance along to the music and watch your baby join in. You can always pick up your baby and dance together. The dancing will most likely result in your baby wanting down so they can dance on their own.
  • Sit down with some musical instruments. Show your baby how to create a sound with the maracas or a xylophone. Watch as they figure out how to make the instrument create the same sound.

This month is all about mobility, learning, and communication. Here are a few baby products you can use to encourage your baby to think and move.

  • A soft cuddly blanket that your baby can hide under and snuggle while they're asleep.
  • A push toy with activity center will offer support as your baby learns to walk.
  • Musical toys like cymbals and castanets are fun toys to bang together and encourage eye-hand coordination.
  • A set of brightly colored flash cards with simple pictures or photographs to teach your baby the names of different objects and animals.
For Mom
  • Install baby gates at all stairwells to prevent your baby from falls during this uneasy time of new found mobility.

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