What you'll want this month:

How your baby is developing: Your baby has probably been crawling for about a month now and is becoming an expert cruiser. This month is all about perfecting their ability to move.

They may crawl while holding a toy in one hand. They may crawl up the stairs, but not know how to crawl back down. It can be rough as your baby moves around – the falls, bumps, and bruises are enough to incite any parent to run out and buy a crash helmet. Just make sure you have fully childproofed your home as your baby grabs onto anything and everything to keep their balance.

Your baby is slowly developing their memory. This month they will remember what happens when they do something and they will remember things that have recently happened. They may drop things from their high chair repeatedly because they know you will pick them up. They may click their tongue or make a gurgling noise every time you clap or cheer.

Curiosity is developing at a rapid pace. Your baby wants to grab and touch anything new or interesting. They will stick their little fingers into any nook, cranny, and electrical socket. You may even notice tiny hands grabbing for your pen when writing down your grocery list. This is a good month to experiment with finger foods if you haven't already.

This month your baby wants to figure things out alone. They are curious, but they also want you to praise them and cheer for them when they accomplish a task. Your praise, applause, smiles, and hugs are actively sought.

You may also notice your baby understanding simple words or phrases and repeating simple words. Continue to talk to your baby and name items around the house. Avoid baby talk. Talk to your baby like you would talk to a friend – this is the best way to teach your baby proper pronunciation and language skills.

Fun games and activities to play: Your baby is like a curious cat this month. It may seem like you can't turn your back for a single moment. Outings and stimulating activities are the best way to keep your baby busy.

  • Hang wind chimes in the nursery and let your baby hit them.
  • Take your baby to the local pet shop. Position your baby in front of a fish tank, the birds, or puppies and watch them play.
  • Make a batch of salt dough and let your baby squish their fingers into it. Make little balls and let your baby squeeze them.
  • Bring your baby to the park or a nursery. Smell the different flowers and plants. Touch different types of leaves and play in the dirt so your baby can feel the different textures.

You can finally introduce texture in both food and play. Here are a few baby products you can use to help make things more interesting.

  • A food mill for grinding fresh steamed vegetables to give your baby food with texture.
  • A set of wooden blocks sound great when banging together.
  • A large ball that your baby can easily roll back to you.
  • A large dump truck that your baby can push along when crawling.
  • A few containers of play dough or plasticine to flatten and squish.

Encourage your baby to use their hands with these baby products for 10 month old.

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