Caring For Your Baby

Caring for your baby is one of the most exciting, emotional, and frightening parts of becoming a parent. It is also a 24-hour role that involves dressing, changing diapers, bathing, keeping the house safe, and following your baby everywhere. The activities themselves are exhausting. Once you think of the all the baby care products and supplies you need to keep on hand and know how to use, it can be intimidating.

There are many items and accessories involved in baby care, from the most basic baby clothes, diapers and bath supplies to childproofing products. Most are self explanatory – although those sleepers that button up the legs can be a little confusing the first time you dress your baby in one. Some require a little instruction and take a little practice before you feel truly comfortable – just ask any new dad who is diapering their baby for the first time.

Your clothing needs will depend on the time of year your baby is born and your climate. Every baby should wear at least one layer to keep them warm, regardless of the weather, but if you live in a hot climate you may not need the snowsuit. If you have a basiclayette, your clothing needs will be satisfied for the first 6 weeks at the very least.

Diapering your baby is a constant requirement. The number of diapers you will use in the first year alone will hit the 3000 mark. You will always want diaper rash cream and baby wipes nearby, since these are basic baby bottom care products you will need at every diaper change.

Bath time involves the largest number of baby care items. The soaps, shampoos and lotions are all specially formulated to be gentle on your baby's tender skin. There are bath tubs and towels that are smaller and softer than your own. The variety of natural baby bath products is increasing as parents try to protect their babies from chemicals and coloring additives. You have just as many choices with these baby care products as you do with baby clothes – a staggering amount!

When you become a parent, your inner lion is set free with a ferocious need to protect and care for your baby. The first place most parents start is in the home. Installing a wide selection of childproofing gadgets and baby gates throughout the house becomes necessary early on in the game. You had to wait 9 months for that baby; you're not going to let the cupboard door take them out!

By the time potty training rolls around, you will have mastered every other baby care item on the market. It's a good thing too, because potty training will bring caring and patience to a whole new level.

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