Baby Health

Raising a healthy baby

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Now that your baby is here, you'll want to do the best you can for him or her, and that includes keeping your baby healthy. Raising a healthy baby can be challenging and at times confusing, but proper research should help you find your way.

From Newborn to Infant

Baby health starts at birth. Your baby's cord blood contains stem cells that can be banked to help your baby or other members of your family should they become ill. Cord blood banking is a controversial practice, but there's no question that stem cells have helped already-ill people and given them a second chance.

Baby nutrition is extremely important in the first year — your baby has a growing immune system and needs you to feed him or her good food to help strengthen it. The very best way to ensure that your baby will start and stay healthy is to breastfeed. Breast milk is nature's perfect food; it contains antibodies and nutrients tailored exactly to your baby's needs. If you choose not to breastfeed, make sure that the formula you choose has all the nutrients needed to keep your baby healthy. Newborn and infant health requirements differ, so you'll want to re-address your baby's feeding needs every couple of months.

Proper feeding is just one element of caring for baby. Complete baby health care will include vaccinations in order to keep your baby from contracting a childhood disease. Also, well-baby visits with your doctor will ensure that your baby is meeting developmental milestones. You may want to consider purchasing child health insurance to make sure that when your baby needs a doctor, you're covered.

Of course, you don't want to run to the doctor for every little problem (though this can be a new parent's impulse). For guidance and advice on minor health issues such as colic or diaper rash, check the Internet. There are a number of medically reviewed websites offering all kinds of baby health information, as well as expert advice.

Toddler Health and Happiness

When baby grows up, you'll need to look into toddler health information, too. Toddlers have different needs than babies and are reaching developmental milestones that are both neurologically and physically important. Look for information on everything from feeding your toddler to playing with him or her in order to learn as much as you can before your baby hits this crucial stage.

Babies may seem like a puzzle that you have to figure out, but with a little bit of research and the help of a good pediatrician, you can arm yourself with all of the necessary information to keep your baby's development on track.

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