Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoos are mild, liquid forms of soap used to wash your baby's fine hair. Baby shampoo is gentle, lathers quickly, rinses easily, and leaves your baby's hair soft, silky, and lightly scented.

Similar to baby soaps, baby shampoo is the same as the adult version without the fragrance or abrasive additives. Your baby's scalp and hair may react differently to varying brands of baby shampoo, so you may want to try a different brand if your baby's hair or scalp becomes dry and flaky.

Most baby shampoo is gentle on your baby's skin, but any shampoo can irritate your baby's scalp and rob their hair of natural oils if overused. You only need to wash your baby's hair once a week. Each shampooing requires a pea-sized amount of shampoo. A quick lather and rinse is all that is needed. It is rarely necessary to massage shampoo into the scalp, unless your baby lost the battle with the puree.

If your baby's scalp is covered with the flaky, crusty, oily substance known as cradle cap, lightly shampoo your baby, then massage a bit of vegetable oil into the crust. This may soften the skin so you can remove it with a soft comb.

Older babies and toddlers enjoy playing and splashing around in the tub, but they hate having to slow down to have their hair washed. It is easy to see why with shampoo easily drips down into their eyes with all that wriggling and squirming away. Many tear-free baby shampoos are available which don't sting when the shampoo comes in contact with the eyes. If your baby fears shampoo, trying a tear-free shampoo may be the trick to cooperation.

Some would say that baby shampoo and baby body wash are the same product or that baby shampoo is just baby soap in liquid form. This may be the case. It may be easier to bathe younger babies with one product that is mild enough for body and scalp. Lathering bar soap on a washcloth and washing your baby's head is easy and eliminates the need to keep more than one project away from curious hands. When your baby has a little more hair, you will want to opt for a baby shampoo for its quick rinse and conditioning ingredients.

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