Baby Skin Care

Caring for baby skin troubles

Baby-soft skin is one of the best things about a newborn — their skin will never be as soft or as smooth again! However, baby skin is delicate, and your baby can suffer from skin troubles that leave him or her irritable, cranky and uncomfortable. Learn how to soothe skin irritations and keep baby's skin healthy.

Common Baby Skin Problems

All babies will suffer from a diaper rash or case of baby acne at least once in their first year. Here are some of the most common baby skin problems and how to deal with them:

  • Cradle cap. This is a skin condition in which the baby's scalp and the back of the head start to peel. It's very unattractive, but doesn't seem to bother the baby too much. Treat it by using baby shampoo and then combing mineral oil through the baby's hair (or rubbing it on the head if baby doesn't have much hair). Use a special brush meant for baby scalps to loosen the dead skin. With proper care and moisturizing through the oil, the baby's head should stop peeling.
  • Baby acne. This condition is caused by the same hormones that cause teenage acne. The baby gets them through proximity to the mother. There is no treatment for baby acne, but ensure that your baby's skin is clean and dry and the problem should go away within a few months. Do not use any acne products on the baby's skin, and never touch or squeeze the eruptions. This can cause scarring and pain for the baby.
  • Chafing and dry skin. Many babies, like adults, will suffer from dry skin in colder weather or just because their skin type happens to allow for it. Baby oil and baby lotion used after every bath can help your baby's skin retain its moisture and become soft and smooth again. Ensure that you are practicing proper baby skin care by only bathing your child once or twice a week; any more and baby's skin won't be able to preserve its natural moisture.
  • Diaper rash. All babies will suffer this at least once — the rash appears on the diaper area when a wet or soiled diaper is left on too long or the urine or stool is especially irritating (for example, if the baby is sick or teething). Diaper rash cream creates a thick barrier on the baby's sensitive bottom, protecting it from any more irritation. Treat any baby rashes by using the cream and allowing air to get to the affected skin — give baby some diaper-free time every day.
  • Baby eczema. This occasionally painful, itchy condition can be one of the most irritating for a baby. It's characterized by scabbing and itchy redness in the corners of the elbows and knees, and will often spread down the arms or legs. Treat this condition by consulting your doctor — there are many eczema medications that can be tried. Also, keep your baby in light, loose clothing during a breakout.

Baby skin conditions can be upsetting and annoying for both parent and child. Treat your baby's skin problems to relieve irritation and keep the skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

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