Baby Washcloths and Towels

Every parent knows that you can never have enough washcloths and towels on hand. When washing and drying your baby you want the softest washcloths and towels you can find.

Baby washcloths are not only perfect for bathing your baby, they are useful for wiping up spills, cleaning your baby's messy face at the dinner table, or wiping your baby's bottom during diaper changes.

Baby washcloths are made of 100% cotton terry cloth, Egyptian cotton, or cotton velour. Many have contrasting soft, cotton or satin edging to prevent fraying. Most washcloths absorb water easily, are soft against your baby's skin, and machine washed and dried.

Baby towels are equally soft, also made of terry cloth, Egyptian cotton, or cotton velour. Most baby towels have hoods, so you can keep your baby's head warm as you wrap them in the towel to pat them dry.

Many baby washcloths and towels are available in sets, some including a bath mitt. They are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints. You can even order personalized washcloths and towels that are embroidered with your baby's name and a picture in your choice of color.

Character hooded towels for babies are an extra source of delight for many babies and toddlers who love to prance around the house as a lion, frog, or devil. Toddlers especially love animal hooded towels because they double as a towel and a costume.

Miniature bath robes are also popular. Bath robes for your baby are miniature versions of your own bath robe, with sleeves and a belt. Bath robes are not as easy as a baby towel—especially for your three month old when wrapping and cuddling is as easy and quick as it gets. Babies starting to walk enjoy them because they can dry off after a bath and get right back to running and playing.

Most baby washcloths and towels are sized to fit your baby up to four years of age, so you want to buy high quality washcloths and towels. Thick, soft, cotton or velour washcloths and towels are usually pre-shrunk and wear well through repeated washings.

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