Baby Wipes Warmers

Some babies react very strongly to cold temperatures and dislike cold cloths against their skin. If your home is a comfortable temperature, your baby wipes should be as well. If your baby has sensitive skin and reacts to cold, you may want to warm your baby wipes. A baby wipe warmer can warm your baby wipes safely and easily.

A baby wipe warmer is an electrical appliance, not much bigger than a tissue box, used to warm baby wipes. They are insulated and use top-heated systems that require low-voltage to keep your wipes warm and to prevent them from browning or drying out.

Most baby wipe warmers hold all brands of baby wipes and are available in pull-apart and pop-up styles. Just drop in a stack of your favorite baby wipes, press the button to open the lid or lift the lid, pull a wipe through the opening in the middle of the large lid, and you are ready to clean.

Warmers help lock in moisture so your wipes don't dry out over time. Some baby wipe warmers are equipped with a built-in changing light so you can change your baby at night and still see what you are doing. Others have a viewing window so you can always see how many wipes are in the warmer.

You can also find portable baby wipe warmers, which are thin, insulated cases so your baby wipes will stay warm even when unplugged. Portable warmers plug into a standard wall outlet. Many portable warmers are equipped with a car adapter so you can plug into your car lighter when traveling.

If you decide to give your baby the gift of warmth, choose your baby wipe warmer carefully. Some have been recalled due to possible fire hazard and electrical hazards leading to electrical shock. You can contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) at 1-800-638-2772 to make sure your baby wipes warmer has not been part of a recall. You can also check these sources to find baby wipes warmer recall information:

Consumer Reports
Consumer Product Safety Commission
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