Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are one those pleasant conveniences when you are attempting to corral a wriggly baby who is trying to smear the contents of their diaper all over your leg. They are pre-moistened, quick to grab, and clean up everything your baby can throw at you, literally.

Baby wipes are essentially pre-moistened paper towels or cloths used to clean your baby's bottom during diaper changes. They are also useful to clean hands, faces, and wipe up spills.

Depending on your baby's skin, you can use disposable baby wipes that are scented or unscented. Some disposable baby wipes have additives such as Vitamin E or aloe vera intended to soften and moisturize your baby's skin. Most are alcohol free and pH balanced making them as mild as water and safe to use on your baby's sensitive parts.

Baby wipes vary in thickness and softness, depending on the brand you use. Some wipes are embossed or ridged to help remove stool stuck on your baby's bottom or dried food on your baby's face. Thinner wipes do tear easily making them annoying to use when you are in the middle of changing a diaper. Using a thick, high quality baby wipe will save you the annoyance.

Disposable wipes come in plastic containers with lids so you can flip the lid up with one hand and grab a wipe. These baby wipes dispense just like tissues, ensuring most of the time that when you grab for a wipe you pull out one, not ten. After your initial purchase of disposable baby wipes in a container, you can purchase refill packages of baby wipes so you can continue to fill your existing container. Disposable wipes are also available in thin travel-size containers that fit easily into your diaper bag or purse.

If you would prefer to not use disposable baby wipes, you can use cloth baby wipes that you moisten and store in a plastic container. Cloth baby wipes are made of 100% cotton flannel or terry cloth. They can be put directly in the diaper pail to be washed with your cloth diapers.

Cloth wipes and homemade wipes made of paper towel are an economical choice if you need to watch your budget. They are not as convenient as disposable baby wipes, but they can be softer and gentler on your baby's skin.

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