Baby Bonnets

Baby bonnets or baby hats are a staple piece of a newborn layette. Newborn babies can not self-regulate their body temperature and lose 30% of their heat through their head. A baby bonnet is crucial in the first two weeks to make sure your newborn keeps warm, but all babies regardless of age should wear a hat or bonnet for the same reason.

Baby bonnets are worn to keep your baby warm and protect your baby from sun exposure. Your baby will need a variety of hats throughout their first year. A typical newborn hat is a form-fitting skullcap. These are typically made of soft, light weight cotton with flat seams. Some newborn hats have ear flaps to keep your baby's ears warm and chin ties to keep the hat on your baby's head. Most newborn hats are simple elasticized cotton with a folded or rolled brim that fits snugly and don't require ties.

Your baby should also have a wide-brimmed hat with a chin elastic during the summer. A summer hat should be made of a light weight, breathable, SPF protected fabric. A summer hat should have a wide brim around the entire hat to protect your baby's face, ears and neck from the sun.

During the winter your baby should have a soft, warm hat with ear flaps to cover and protect their ears from the cold and snow. Most warm winter hats are made of fleece, knit jersey, or hand-knit or crochet.

Baby bonnets and hats are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Hats typically fit over the top of your baby's head covering the forehead; a bonnet slips over the back of the head leaving the forehead uncovered. Both baby hats and bonnets are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes, from the simple round cotton hat with a pom-pom to the knitted hat shaped like a bear or lamb with a hand-stitched face. Many coordinated baby clothes are available with a matching hat or bonnet.

When choosing a baby hat or baby bonnet, make sure it is made of a soft, breathable fabric. Your baby may lose 30% of their body heat through their head, but their head can easily overheat. You want a baby hat made of a breathable fabric to keep your baby's head warm and dry.

You also want to make sure anything you put next to your baby's skin is soft and cozy, so remove the tags from the bonnet or hat before putting it on your baby. Brand labels and washing instruction tags can be scratchy and irritate your baby.

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