Child Health Insurance

Insuring your child's health

The rising cost of medical expenses can make thinking about your child's health a very scary prospect. The majority of health care expenses for your child will happen in the first year, especially if your child attends daycare. Colds, coughs, fevers and flu can have you running to the doctor every other week. Put your mind (and your bank account!) at ease and consider a child health insurance program (c.h.i.p.). Finding affordable child health insurance will bring you a bit of relief at an already stressful time.

Types of Child Health Insurance

There are two types of child health insurance. One is a plan that is temporary, normally covering a child until a parent gets a job with health insurance or until the child attends an institution that offers it. The other is a long-term plan that will get your child through all stages of his or her life. Which you choose will depend on your circumstances and your child's health.

Many states offer a variety of children's health insurance plan options. Find the policy that will be best for your child and fit into your budget. Normally, a low deductible and premium is best for families trying to get on their feet. Check what kind of coverage you'll get, though — it's best to choose an insurance plan that will cover both dental and doctor's visits, as well as prescriptions and any hospital visits or stays.

Find out if you can combine your child's health insurance with any existing family plan. This may offer you a lower premium and deductible. Also, ensure that all of your child's pre-existing conditions, if there are any, are covered under the health insurance plan. Infant health insurance should cover vaccinations and well-baby visits as well as any vitamins or special medications your child may need for conditions such as reflux. Premature babies often need a lot of medical intervention to become stable and healthy, so they will likely need special insurance coverage.

Your baby is going to be the most delicate member of your family for a while. Make sure that you've got him or her covered by choosing a health insurance plan that will carry all of the medical expenses you can foresee.

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