Diaper Bags

Just because you have a baby it doesn't mean you have to give up your fashion sense. The pastel, teddy bear, yellow ducky, and pink rattle patterned diaper bags are bags of the past! New modern diaper bags are so well camouflaged they are almost imperceptible. A stranger passing by could never tell that mid-sized bag is a diaper bag in hiding and not some new designer trend. Diaper bags are now designed to be fashionable and functional.

Diaper bags are available in every price range in a wide variety of styles and sizes. If you want to stay away from the diaper bag that screams diaper bag, you can choose from the designer handbag look, the chic urban sling, a backpack, gym bag, or even the small tote around town camera bag. You want your diaper bag to be fashionable, but you also want a bag that can hold everything you need, preferably with separate compartments to organize your gear so you can find it quickly.

Diaper bags are available with a variety of features. Many have wide adjustable padded straps for extra comfort, a large inner compartment with zippered pockets, and a separate area for diapers. Exterior zippered pockets perfect for baby wipes, bibs and baby food are found on many diaper bags. Many diaper bags have insulated or elasticized pockets to keep bottles or sippy cups upright and easy to grab. Most include a padded, waterproof changing pad and a PVC mess bag to keep dirty diapers or wet baby clothes and wash cloths contained. Some are even equipped with clips for keys and pockets for cell phones.

Most diaper bags are made of a waterproof polyvinyl for easy cleaning of spills and messes. Some are equipped with metal feet to keep your diaper bag off the ground when you have to set it down. There are diaper bags designed especially for men who don't want to be seen carrying a pastel bag covered in ducks, but still need something to tote around all those baby supplies.

A diaper bag will become your best friend once you and your baby are out about town. The selection is never-ending, so when choosing one, keep the following in mind:
  • Size: choose a bag that will hold everything you need. A large diaper bag will hold all your baby essentials for long outings. A smaller bag may work for short outings to the park.
  • Style: choose a diaper bag that fits your lifestyle. A backpack may work best for day trips to the beach or the local farmer's market. A tote is small and stylish for visits with friends or family. A messenger bag may work for both men and women, since most men are opposed to carrying a man's purse.
  • Type of diapers: choose a diaper bag that will accommodate your diapering preference. Cloth diapers require more space and a mess bag to keep wet and dirty diapers contained, so a bigger bag with a zippered PVC pouch would be helpful.
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