The Diaper Debate: Calculating the Cost of Cloth vs. Disposable

Our Diaper Cost Calculator helps making the decision between disposable and cloth diapers a snap

Every parent knows that cutting costs is a must when balancing the baby budget. When it comes to making the choice between reusable cloth diapers and disposable diapers, new parents have a lot to consider. Luckily, our Diaper Cost Calculator takes the guesswork out of your diaper dilemma by factoring in the complete cost of cloth diapers versus the cost of disposable diapers.

This practical calculator will help you to accurately gauge the cost of disposables by multiplying the different cloth diaper components you'll need to give you the total cost of cloth for each stage of your baby's growth. We also work out the per-diaper cost for packages of disposable diapers so you'll know exactly what each diaper costs. Simply enter your diaper expenses and the number of each diaper types into the calculator to evaluate where you'll get the most bang for your baby bucks.

For a more precise cloth diaper cost calculation, all washing costs should be considered. The cost of washing cloth diapers can vary depending on the type of washing machine used, fees for electric or gas energy, soap costs, vinegar and baking soda prices, and the cost of air or machine drying. These variables can all contribute to a higher or lower overall cloth diaper cost in the long run.
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Cloth Diaper Costs
Type Cost Number
Pre-folded diaper: $ X
Fitted diaper: $ X
All-in-one diaper: $ X
Diaper covers: $ X
Night covers: $ X

Total cost for pre-folds: $
Total cost for fitted: $
Total cost for all-in-one: $
Total cost for covers: $
Total cost for night covers: $
Disposable Diaper Costs
Cost Per Pkg: $ / # Per Pkg

Total cost per Disposable: