Diaper Rash Cream

Few babies leave the world of diapers and baby wipes without experiencing a few diaper rashes along the way. Babies are prone to diaper rash out of their need to wear diapers, and a good diaper rash cream can help prevent or heal diaper rash . Babies have sensitive skin. Add prolonged exposure to the chemicals and moisture of their urine, a diaper that covers the area and rubs back and forth, and you can see how easily diaper rash can form.

If your baby develops a rash, diaper rash cream should improve the rash in two to three days. If your baby has very sensitive skin and develops diaper rash frequently, you can apply diaper rash cream with each new diaper. You want to prevent any moisture from touching and irritating your baby's skin, so apply liberally.

Most diaper rash creams are barrier creams. They act as a barrier between your baby's bottom and the wet diaper. Some barrier creams contain ingredients meant to soothe or heal diaper rash.

There are two basic types of barrier creams: white petroleum ointment and white zinc oxide. White petroleum ointment is an excellent daily preventative ointment. It is less sticky and messy than zinc oxide and found in most households. White petroleum ointment diaper rash cream is available in the tub and a squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottle version is lighter, spreads easily, and is portable.

White zinc oxide is thick and sticky. It is best for babies who are prone to rash as it provides a long lasting barrier and contains ingredients to help heal severe diaper rash. White zinc oxide diaper rash cream is available in a tin or squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottle version is lighter, less sticky, spreads easier than the tin version, and is portable. White zinc oxide diaper rash cream in a squeeze bottle does tend to separate; if it has been sitting for a while, knead the bottle to mix the ointment before use.

If your baby is prone to frequent and severe diaper rash, your local pharmacist can mix up a diaper rash cream specifically for your baby, both over-the-counter and prescription. Most anti-fungal and hydrocortisone creams require a prescription. Some stubborn rashes may require an anti-fungal diaper rash cream, especially if the rash is returning due to a yeast infection. Extreme diaper rashes may warrant the use of a hydrocortisone 1% cream that can help with any inflammation.

If commercially prepared diaper rash cream is not helping your baby and you are not sure about your baby's diaper rash, consult with your doctor.

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