Everyone loves a soft and cozy jacket to cuddle inside. Babies are no different. Babies love to cuddle with soft and warm blankets and clothes and what better to bundle your little one than a warm and cozy baby jacket for all seasons.

You will need a variety of jackets to keep your baby warm and protected throughout the year. Babies grow quickly, so buying a jacket a size larger will give your baby extra wear.

During the summer a light weight, breathable cotton jacket will keep your baby protected from the sun during the later afternoon. It is important to make sure the fabric of a summer jacket is SPF protected as the sun's harmful rays can penetrate through light fabrics.

During the cooler months, a medium-weight jacket is needed to keep your baby warm. Baby jackets made of cotton, fleece, denim, corduroy, or a polyester-blend will offer cold and wind protection. Windbreaker jackets made of impenetrable nylon will block wind and rain.

During the cold winter months, most babies wear a full one-piece baby snowsuit, instead of a jacket. Once your baby is closer to 12 months, a winter jacket may be more appropriate if your baby is starting to walk. Winter jackets are typically made of a waterproofed polyester-blend with thick fleece lining to keep your baby warm and protected from the cold, wind, ice, and snow.

Baby jackets are very simple in style. Jacket variation usually comes in the form of collar, cuffs, or the number of pockets. Most jackets have either a zipper or button closure. Depending on the age of your baby, a zipper may be the quickest and easiest jacket closure, but you must take care to not pinch your baby's belly or roaming fingers when closing the zipper. If you choose a baby jacket with buttons, make sure the buttons are securely fastened so your baby can't pull them off and pop them in the mouth.

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