Potty Chairs

A potty chair is usually your toddler's first introduction to using the toilet. Most parents start with the mini version of an adult toilet, hoping the size encourages rather than intimidates. Some toddlers refuse the potty chair from the get-go and prefer to sit on the toilet using a potty seat. Although some toddlers thrive on the "personal potty" factor and instantly claim the potty chair as their own, not all toddlers are as enthusiastic. You won't really know which potty your toddler will prefer until you bring your toddler shopping.

Bring your toddler shopping for a potty chair and let them help pick it out. If they feel like the chair is their own, chances are they'll be more prone to using it. If there is anything about a potty chair that your toddler doesn't like, don't count on them using it. Encourage your potty training toddler to sit on a few different chairs.

There are a variety of sizes and the size that fits that tiny backside best may be the make it or break it factor. The right chair will let your toddler rest their feet on the floor. This is important when they need to use their muscles to bear down during a bowel movement. If the chair is too high and causes their feet to dangle in the air, you may get number one but you won't get number two.

Make sure the potty chair you bring home is sturdy. You don't want your toddler to tip over at that critical moment—the resulting fear and paranoia would be long lasting. Check for rubber grips on the bottom of the chair to prevent the chair from sliding around. Make sure the catch bowl is secure when in the chair, but removes and empties easily. You don't want to spill its contents when trying to remove the bowl from the chair—it would defeat the purpose of potty training. Opt for a bowl you can remove from the top rather than a bowl that you remove from the back. Top-loaded bowls are definitely more user-friendly.

If you want a potty chair with all the bells and whistles or just one that will last through many incarnations, there are different types available. Some potty chairs start out as a chair. When your toddler is ready to use the big toilet, the seat detaches and turns into a potty seat and the remaining pieces convert into a stepstool.

Some potty chairs provide music as positive reinforcement for potty training. Each time your toddler uses the potty and actually goes in the potty, they are rewarded with music. This can motivate your toddler if potty training is off to a slow start—as long as the musical reward doesn't condition your toddler to start peeing when they hear elevator music, you'll be fine.

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