Potty Seats

Some toddlers want to make the jump to the big toilet right from the start. Some toddlers don't like to be singled out by using a potty chair; they want to use what you use. Most find it a bit of a shock the first time they fall through the full-sized toilet seat and hit water—all toddlers do at least once. The potty seat lets them feel like a big kid, but protects them from that unexpected cold water dip.

Potty seats are adapter seats for your toilet. They sit perfectly on your full-sized toilet seat and provide a size-appropriate seat for your toddler to do their business. They are quick and easy to use, adding only one step to your potty training routine. You don't have to empty a plastic catch bowl, sanitize it, and return it to the base of a potty chair—your toddler's waste goes right in the toilet with no middle-man. Potty seats are also quite portable, especially simple insert seats with handles. You can easily throw them in the car, stash them in your stroller basket, and bring it with you when shopping, visiting, or on vacation.

There are a variety of potty seats to choose from. There are elaborate seats that include a back and arm rest so your toddler can sit comfortably once they've climbed the attached step stool and sat down. If they need a bit of extra support they can grip the side handles for stability. The "potty throne" may be a bit too much for most parents who want a simple solution to keeping their toddler's bottom supported and dry.

Luckily, the most common potty seats are practical. Some potty seats can be attached directly to your toilet seat and flipped down when your toddler needs to go. One of the most popular styles is the simple insert that sinks into your full-sized seat and offers a padded seat that fits your toddler's bottom perfectly. An adapter seat that sinks into the full-sized seat offers stability unmatched by those that hook onto or rest on top of the seat.

If your toddler needs the visual reminder in the early stages of potty training, a potty seat may not be for you. Potty seats can only be used in a bathroom on the toilet, where a potty chair or portable potty can be used in any room. If you and your toddler don't mind the run to the bathroom, the potty seat is as easy as it gets. Most require very little space and allow your toddler to feel like a big kid. Just throw a step stool under your toddlers' feet so they can plant their feet firmly and let the games begin.

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