Potty Training Dolls

It is amazing the things you will do to potty train your child. It is amazing the potty training tools you can find to ease the process along. If your toddler is resistant to the idea, you may have to bring in a pitch-hitter. Potty training dolls can be the companion trainee that helps your toddler step up to plate.

Potty training dolls are typically vinyl and usually vanilla scented. The way they work is simple: feed the doll her bottle, remove her diaper, sit her on the potty, squeeze her belly, and she pees. Both boy and girl potty training dolls are available, each equipped with pink or blue coordinated supplies. Most dolls come with everything you need to enact a potty scenario: clothing, disposable diaper, a potty chair, bottle, and a pacifier.

Training your toddler with a doll requires a little play acting, but the results can be amazing. Use the doll to demonstrate the process of using the potty. Your toddler learns how to use the potty by teaching the doll how to go potty. Let your toddler name the doll. Change the doll's diaper with a pair of big kid underwear explaining to your toddler that the doll is going to start using the potty. Walk your toddler through the process of filling the doll's bottle with water and let your toddler feed the doll. Once the bottle is empty, walk the doll to the potty chair with your toddler. Pull the doll's underwear down, set her on the potty, give her belly a squeeze, and watch the doll potty together.

When the doll successfully uses the potty, throw a potty party! Wear party hats, blow horns, have cake, and celebrate. Give the doll lots of attention and congratulations so your toddler understands that learning to use the potty is a good thing. Reassure your toddler that when they use the potty, they too will have a potty party.

Most toddlers are eager to jump on the potty by this point. The next step is to replace your toddler's diaper with a pair of big kid underwear, just like you did with the potty training doll in the very beginning. Give your toddler plenty of fluids to drink. This will not only kick-start the need to use the potty, but it may provide the trigger for an urge that is already there. Once your toddler has finished the drink you offered, ask if they need to use the potty.

You might get a "no" your first try. That is fine. Sit and wait—your toddler has just drank plenty of fluid, they will soon need to go soon. Watch for signs of needing to go to the potty and repeatedly ask if they need to use the potty. You will eventually get a yes. Once you do get a yes, repeat the process. Bring your toddler to the potty chair or seat, pull down their big kid underwear, and sit your toddler on the potty.

When your child successfully uses the potty, throw a potty party. Some child experts say repeating the entire process nine times will help your toddler develop muscle memory and they will eventually make it to the potty on their own. At some point, you will have to wean your toddler off the full-blown potty party, but simple cheering and clapping usually suffices for most toddlers. Just keep up the enthusiasm and don't forget to thank your potty training doll.

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