One-piece, footed sleepers are the first essential piece of baby clothing that you will ever use. Sleepers are soft full-body baby clothing, keeping your baby cozy, warm, and comfortable. You don't have to worry about shirt bottoms creeping up or waist lines slipping down. Their comfort and ease of use make them a favorite piece of baby clothing. You can never have enough!

Sleepers protect your baby's arms, legs, and belly from tummy time on the floor and nylon straps in most car seats, baby swings, and high chairs. You want soft, comfortable baby clothing with no irritating tags or seams. You'll be changing your baby's clothing several times a day, so you want clothes that are uncomplicated and open easily for diaper changes.

One-piece footed sleepers are typically made of 100% polyester or 100% cotton with soft nylon zippers or covered snaps running down the front and down one or both legs. They are generally a lightweight fabric that breathes, allowing body moisture to evaporate keeping your baby dry and warm. Smooth, flat seams will prevent your baby's skin from chafing and keep your baby comfortable. You don't want your baby lying on bulky, itchy seams!

Long sleeved sleepers have a loose-fitting elasticized waist front and loose-fitting elasticized ankles for a close fit, but still providing ample room for your baby's feet to move and grow without restricting circulation. Most have a wide round neckline protecting your baby's neck without being too close or tight.

Sleepers should be form-fitting to prevent them from getting caught on toys or furniture. Form fitting sleepers also do not ignite easily and, even if ignited, do not burn well because there is little oxygen to feed the fire.

Some baby sleepers are flame-resistant or flame-retardant to keep your baby protected from fire. Flame-resistant or flame-retardant fabrics can resist catching fire. They burn slowly when in contact with the flame source and may self-extinguish or be easily extinguished by smothering the flame.

Sleepers are machine washable and machine dryable making them easy to care for and most sleepers wear well wash after wash. You want your sleepers to be comfortable, soft, and resilient to hold up well against the on-again, off-again nature of baby clothes and the repeated washing.

When shopping for sleepers, use a layette checklist to ensure you have the amount you need; you will want an ample supply.

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