Baby Snowsuits and Outdoor Wear

During inclement weather, you want to make sure your baby is protected from the cold, wind, rain, and snow. Snowsuits and other outdoor babywear such as rain gear or wind breakers, will keep your baby warm and dry.

Snowsuits for newborns are one-piece full body snowsuits that enclose your baby's hands and feet. Most newborn snowsuits close with a zipper running down the front of the suit and down one leg. Some one-piece snowsuits have detachable mittens and booties for older babies that are starting to walk and require shoes. One-piece snowsuits are typically fleece with either a fleece or flannel lining keeping your baby bundled in soft warmth.

Two-piece snowsuits include a hooded jacket and snow pants. Snow pants typically have suspender-style straps or a full vest with a zipper closure. Two-piece snowsuits are usually a waterproofed polyester-blend with a soft fleece lining. Two-piece snowsuits are more commonly worn on babies closer to 12 months or older who may be walking or just learning to walk.

Outdoor babywear such as rain coats, rain pants, and rubber boots are also meant to protect your baby keeping them warm and dry. Since rain usually occurs in non-winter temperatures, rain coats are not usually lined for thermal protection to the same degree as snowsuits. Raincoats are typically made of rubber or waterproofed polyester with a thin fleece or flannel lining. Rain coats allow the rain to slide off your baby like it slides off a duck's feathers, keeping them dry underneath. Rain boots are made of rubber with a thin insulated pad in the sole of the boot to keep your baby's feet warm.

Wind breaker jackets or splash suits, a jacket and pants set, are typically made of nylon. Nylon creates an impenetrable surface, blocking wind and rain. Windbreaker jackets are either pullover styled jackets or jackets with a button or zipper closure.

Depending on your climate, you may need one or both a baby snowsuit and rain gear. Whatever the weather, you want to make sure your baby is protected from the elements, keeping them warm, dry, and healthy.

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