Training Underpants

Potty training comes with a measure of discomfort for toddlers and parents. Sometimes all the potty training paraphernalia in the world doesn't seem to motivate your toddler to use the toilet. Training underpants are praised by many parents as the final piece of the puzzle in training. They seem to encourage potty training unlike the perfect potty seat or even bribery. Thanks to the well-known discomfort of wetness.

Training pants are padded cotton underwear. They look like normal underwear, but they have a strip of foam placed in between two layers of fabric that runs from the belly, between the legs and up the back of the underwear. Most training underpants have a waffle-weave texture to offer extra absorbency.

The soft cotton and foam padding absorbs urine, but not completely. Your toddler will feel wet. After a few accidents in this underwear, your toddler will be motivated to tell you they need to go. They will also want to hold it and run to the potty to avoid that uncomfortable wetness.

Trading in the diapers for extra-thick cotton training underpants is an exciting day. Training pants do require more work than diapers. They don't soak up urine like diapers and they don't keep your toddlers clothes dry like diapers either. But they certainly help to move the potty training process along.

The fact is your toddler needs to experience the discomfort of wetting themselves. Diapers absorb, so it is easy to ignore your bladder and when you've wet yourself if you always feel dry. Unlike diapers, your toddler will really feel it when they pee in training pants.

Use the training pants during the day and stick with diapers overnight. Once your toddler has a history of keeping their diapers dry overnight, introduce them to training underpants overnight. Take it slow and expect to replace your mattress cover many times.

Cotton training underpants can be hard to find. Many parents continue to use pull-up style disposable training diapers for toddlers when potty training. Many parents swear by the cotton training pants and their ability to speed the potty training process along—thanks to the uncomfortable wetness factor. Still, disposable training pants are quite popular making the good old-fashioned variety hard to come by. Many larger stores still carry them, so when you find them, buy many in different sizes. They are well worth the investment.

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