Angled Bottles

Angled bottles are a new and improved design on the traditional straight styled bottle. Designed to be easier to hold for both parents and infants, angled bottles also let your wrist sit in a comfortable position. The need to tip the bottle up towards the end of feeding when the bottle is almost empty is eliminated, and the angled position also helps prevent your baby from tucking the chin while feeding.

The angled neck allows your baby to sit in an upright or semi-upright position and still drink easily from the bottle. This prevents the awkwardness that can sometimes result from feeding your baby while lying down. The benefit of feeding your baby in a semi-upright position is that it keeps the nipple filled with liquid, not air.

It is also believed that feeding in a semi-upright position with angled bottles can help prevent liquid from flowing into the middle ear, a common cause of ear infections. When babies are fed lying down with a typical glass bottle or plastic bottle, baby formula and other fluids can flow back into the Eustachian tube. A lack of airflow through the nipple or the base of the bottle causes a vacuum to form. The vacuum created by bottle feeding and the negative pressure generated in the mouthare transmitted up the Eustachian tube. This leads into the middle ear where, as a result, fluid can build up.

If an angled bottle is accompanied by a bottle nipple designed to prevent air bubbles from entering the liquid, your baby will feed from a virtually bubble-free bottle! Less air in the bottle means less air swallowed by your baby and fewer occurrences of gas and spitting up.

Angled bottles are typically made of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic baby bottles are clear, so you can see if any air bubbles are forming and watch how much liquid your baby has consumed. Polycarbonate plastic bottles are also durable, so you don't have to worry about them breaking.

I received a Playtex VentAire NaturalShape Bottle as a shower gift and used it only a couple of times. The angled bottle was surprisingly comfortable to hold, but the bonus was the upright feeding position. I am prone to ear infections and feared that my daughter would be as well. I liked that anyone feeding her naturally held her in an upright position when using the angled bottle. She also didn't spit up or develop gas any more than she did with breast feeding, so I suppose the angled neck and special bottle nipple really do prevent air bubbles from entering the breast milk. The nice thing about the Playtex bottle is that they are easy to find. The bottles and the replacement nipples are sold in most pharmacies and department stores, so you will never have to look long to find what you need.
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