Breast Shaped Bottles

The breast shaped baby bottle is the perfect alternative for breastfeeding mothers who may need to have someone else feed their baby when they are away. Most breastfeeding mothers don't want to introduce a bottle to their baby. Bottles may encourage a baby to adopt lazy latch-on techniques or refuse the breast. The breast shaped bottle has a soft, comforting breast-like shape and feel that is familiar to babies.

The breast shaped bottle is typically composed of a base, a dome that holds the breast milk, a ring to seal the dome to the lid, and a cap to cover the dome. The base of the bottle features a bubble-free pressure-equalizing valve. The valve minimizes the amount of air in the liquid and the amount of air your baby swallows.

The dome of the bottle is made of a translucent silicone. The silicone creates supple, collapsible walls that naturally hug your baby's cheek just like your breast! The lifelike nipple encourages proper latch-on and is soft and pliable just like your nipple. The nipple features three ducts. Only one of the three holes is open so you can adjust the flow rate.

A slow flow rate is recommended to simulate breastfeeding when you first start using the breast shaped bottle, especially when switching between breast and bottle. As your baby grows, you may need to increase the flow rate by opening one of the two closed ducts. If your baby seems frustrated while feeding, or is taking longer than 15-20 minutes per feeding, you may need to open one of the other ducts. The ducts are small enough to become plugged with particles of formula or cereal, so breast bottles should only be used for breast milk.

The breast shaped bottle allows you and your baby to have some control over flow rate by gently squeezing the soft sides of the baby bottle. This simulates letdown by providing the rush of milk and the easing of milk that is naturally experienced at your breast. This helps bottle feeding to feel more as nature intended.

These bottles hold 7 oz. of breast milk. This is the average amount of milk you can express from your breasts in one sitting. Breast shaped bottles are easy to fill and clean and are dishwasher safe on the top rack. The breast shaped bottle must be properly sterilized before you use it for the first time and washed thoroughly after each use.

The bottle nipple you choose is largely dependent on the bottle you use. Some manufacturers may offer the same nipple in both rubber and silicone. If you have the choice, choose the silicone nipple. The Avent Bottle Nipple is my bottle nipple of preference. It is a rounded tip, three hole, silicone nipple. The rounded tip is easy for most babies to latch on to and the silicone is firm but pliable, and lasts longer than rubber or latex. I also like having the ability to adjust the flow rate. New nipples have one open hole and two closed holes so you can open them if your baby needs a faster flow of breast milk or formula. My daughter had no problem with the rounded tip nipple and she was a breastfeeder – they worked so we stuck with them.
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