Bottle Warmers

Bottle warmers ensure your baby formula, breast milk, or jarred baby food is warmed quickly and evenly without hot spots. They offer a convenience and ease that you can't find heating bottles on the stove-top or in a bowl of warm water. Bottle warmers are especially convenient during those late-night feedings when you need a bottle quickly.

Most bottle warmers are as easy to use as bottle sterilizers: add water using the measuring cup or dropper provided and plug it in. An automatic shut-off turns off the unit when the water has evaporated. The automatic shut-off also prevents overheating or damage to your bottle.

Bottle warmers use two baskets: a permanent basket and a removable basket. The permanent basket stays in the warmer and protects the bottle from the water.

The removable basket holds the baby food jar or bottle during warming. It is easily inserted and removed from the warmer without burning your fingers. Most baskets fit baby food jars and all sizes of baby bottles, including straight, angled, wide-necked and disposable. Some bottle warmers may even fit toddler sippy cups.

Most bottle warmers heat refrigerated formula, breast milk, or food in approximately 5 minutes. They heat frozen formula, breast milk, or food in approximately 10 minutes without destroying vital nutrients lost during microwaving.

Generally, you'll find bottle warmers as counter-top models, but you can also find portable bottle warmers that plug in to your car lighter, making it easy to warm bottles while traveling. Some may also offer a cold pack area for convenient overnight cold storage. Your bottle can be chilled and warmed in the same unit!

Most bottle warmers use steam to heat bottles. This leaves condensation on the outside of the bottle making the bottle slippery. Handle warmed bottles carefully and wipe off the bottle as soon as you remove it from the warmer. You don't want that precious milk to slip out of your hand and spill all over your counter or floor.

If you have hard water, it is recommended that you wipe the inside of the bottle warmer with a washcloth after each use. This will prevent mineral build up inside the bottle warmer, which can interfere with warming bottles properly.

I found The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer at a great price and thought, hey why not? It turned out to be a good impulse buy. If someone else had to feed my daughter, I wanted them to be able to heat her breast milk quickly – I knew how impatient and upset she could be when I wasn't around. This bottle warmer heats bottles quickly and easily. The dropper makes measuring the water a no-brainer. It is easy to use and can also be used to heat baby food. A versatile, nice-to-have product!
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