Breast Pump Rentals

Deciding to rent or purchase a breast pump can be a difficult decision. Most new mothers have no idea about what to look for when the labor nurse asks if you want to take a look at the pumps available to rent. Renting a breast pump can be quite costly, so you need to consider your lifestyle and your budget in your decision.

Breast pumps rentals are typically electric breast pumps. Renting a breast pump for a short period of time may be worth its weight in gold when you are pumping to feed twins or trying to establish and maintain your milk supply. But it can get expensive over the long term.

Pumps can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The average for a breast pump rental is about $50 per month throughout the United States and $90 per month in Canada. Additional costs may include a refundable deposit, approximately $40, and the purchase of a collecting kit anywhere from $30 and $40.

You can purchase collection kits for single-breast or double-breast pumping. Some collection kits can be used as a hand pump after the electric pump is returned. The cost of a breast pump rental is prohibitive for many, but it is still cheaper than buying baby formula when you compare the costs.

If you require the use of a breast pump rental for more than two months, consider buying a professional grade electric breast pump outright. Hospital grade breast pumps range from $220 to over $300, but are worth the investment if you want to pump for an extended amount of time. Although, renting a pump does present a few distinct advantages over purchasing one.

When you rent a breast pump, the company, hospital, or medical supply store that owns the pump deals with any mechanical problems you may have with the pump. You are not responsible for repair costs. When you rent a hospital-grade breast pump, you are renting a breast pump with a longer motor life, a faster cycling time, and a higher level of suction.

Some hospitals rent breast pumps to you directly, but not all. If your hospital doesn't rent breast pumps directly, ask your labor nurse for a referral or check your local phone book. Most medical supply stores, independent lactation consultants, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) stores offer hospital-grade breast pump rentals.

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