Burp Cloths

Babies wear bibs to protect their clothing from food spills and spit up; the burp cloth prevents you from changing and washing your clothes just as many times as you change your baby's diapers!

Every mom has been through the last minute change. You are on your way out the door and stop to give your baby one last burping. Once you feel that lovely little puddle of spit up on your shoulder, you realize you forgot the burp cloth. A burp cloth will protect you during that "it's so big it's running down your back" spit up. Burp cloths also cover you from the sleepy drool that every baby leaves behind when safely cuddled in their mother's arms.

Burp cloths are simple cotton flannel rectangles that lie flat over your shoulder when burping your baby. Some burp cloths are shaped like an hourglass. The hourglass prevents the burp cloth from bunching up over your shoulder while still providing maximum coverage down your front and back.

Most burp cloths are made of pre-shrunk 100% cotton flannel. Flannel is ultra soft and comfortable for your baby to lay their cheek against or cuddle afterwards. Burp cloths are typically two layers of flannel with finished edges and flat seams, protecting your baby's skin from irritation or chafing. Many burp cloths do have brand tags and washing instruction tags that can irritate your baby or get caught in their mouth. It is always a good idea to remove any tags from your burp cloths before use. Burp cloths are machine washable and dryable and can be thrown in the laundry without much thought, so those annoying tags are really unnecessary.

When shopping for burp cloths, use a feeding accessories checklist to help you determine how many burp cloths you will need. Varying checklists recommend to have anywhere from 4-8 burp cloths on hand. Stocking your nursery with closer to 8 burp cloths is always a good idea. Burp cloths are not only useful over your shoulder. Burp cloths are indispensable for wiping up drips of spit up, breast milk, and formula from the floor, tables, and anywhere else they may land.

Another hands down favorite! I loved Kushies Burp Pads – I don't know what I would have done without them. They are 2 ply of the softest 100% cotton and a trimmed edge. Their curved shape means they fit over your shoulder perfectly without the annoying bunching I found with using rectangular burp cloths. They were soft against my daughter's skin and washed well, getting softer and softer each time. If someone doesn't give these to you as a shower gift, go buy some after the shower. They absorb an incredible amount of liquid and spit up. They are indispensable!
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