Food Mill

A food mill is an easy to use, convenient utensil for making fresh and healthy homemade baby food. It just doesn't get any easier! A food mill is a manual food grinder. Fill the cylinder with food, turn the handle to grind the food, and serve from the feeding cup that catches the puree. The food mill purees whole food in one simple, portable machine.

Most food mills are made from a safe polypropylene plastic with medical grade stainless steel internal components. An internal cylinder pushes whole food through a cutter and strainer into a feeding dish. Most food mills are dishwasher safe and rinse easily under hot water. They can be sterilized and won't chip, break, or crack.

Using a food mill makes preparing homemade baby food quick and easy. You can make fresh baby food on the spot, without having to prepare your baby food in advance and store it in the freezer. You can create instant baby food from vegetables, fruit, pasta, tofu and meat right at your dining table. Just put aside a small serving of vegetables or meat free of salt and other seasonings and run it through the mill.

Food mills are light weight and most come with a carrying case. The carrying case makes it easy to bring the food mill with you when traveling. It is easily tucked away when dining with friends and family in their homes or at a restaurant.

Food mills are especially handy for older babies who are eating textured baby food with small chunks. Many food mills require running the food through the food mill more than once to achieve the consistency needed for babies new to eating solid food. A single grind through a food mill leaves small, softened chunks of food more suitable to an older baby who has been eating for a few months.

Some parents may enjoy the manual food mill – I was not necessarily one of them. I used my hand blender to make batches of baby food when my daughter was an infant. When she was eating pureed foods with a little texture, I would use the KidCo Food Mill to grind her food. The food mill is perfect for this age group when they want something a little more exciting than the baby mush, but aren't quite ready for the full-on finger food. Many times I would just mash her food with a fork; sometimes it was much easier than whipping out the manual food mill. If I was grinding a few different kinds of veggies and meats, I would use the food mill because it is a lot faster than mashing and well, you can't really mash meat with a fork. Luckily, KidCo has a new and improved BabySteps Electric Food Mill – although it may be tricky to use in a restaurant.
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