High Chair Safety

When choosing your high chair, you may have a list of standard features that you can't live without. You want a high chair that suits your dining and lifestyle needs, is easy to use, and most of all, is safe. Keep these safety guidelines in mind to help you choose a safe high chair for your baby.

  • All infant high chairs should include a lap belt, harness, or safety strap.
  • Make sure the high chair has a wide, stable base. This will prevent the high chair from toppling over when your toddler gets impatient with dinner and tries to climb out of the seat.
  • If your high chair is equipped with casters, make sure you can lock the wheels when feeding your baby. You don't want your baby pushing off from the table and sailing across the dining room or kitchen.
  • You want to be able to easily clean your high chair. If you can't easily wipe down the seat cushion or throw it in the wash, it will annoy you. Seamless cushions will prevent food particles and liquid from collecting in tiny spaces. Smooth surfaces will wipe clean in an instant.
  • Look for dishwasher safe trays. Trays will take up a lo of space in your dishwasher, but you are guaranteed a thorough wash every time.
  • Most parents wait to use a high chair until their baby is able to sit independently and hold their head up on their own. If your baby is not quite able to hold up their head, look for a seat back that reclines to keep your baby fully supported.
  • Look for a high chair that meets all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

Whichever high chair you choose, never leave your baby unattended in any high chair -- it does not matter how safe it seems. Always stay with your baby when using the high chair and enjoy the mess and fun in feeding your baby.

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