Manual Breast Pumps

Manual pumps offer a simplicity and compact size not seen in electric breast pumps. Manual breast pumps are typically more affordable, smaller, lighter, and quieter. Manual breast pumps have advanced in their technology and efficiency, expressing the same amount of milk in the same amount of time as electric pumps.

Manual pumps may feel more natural and more closely mimic a baby's sucking than electric breast pumps. Some use a soft, silicone insert that fits inside the breast flange, which helps stimulate your let-down reflex and creates a vacuum just like your baby does while breastfeeding. Stay away from manual breast pumps that have a ball to squeeze or the bicycle horn style pump. The bicycle horn style is difficult to clean and may harbor bacteria.

Manual breast pumps can also be easier on your breasts because you control the suction by squeezing a lever or handle or by pressing a foot pedal. The most popular manual breast pumps are designed for one-handed use, but some require two hands to operate. Manual breast pumps empty only one breast at a time.

For many women who work part-time or are away from their babies for a short amount of time, a manual breast pump is ideal. There are always exceptions to the rule. Some women who pump frequently still prefer manual breast pumps, especially if they pump more efficiently than electric breast pumps.

Manual breast pumps are very portable. Most manual breast pumps are light and have a carrying case, making them easy to stash in your desk drawer or car. They are generally simple to take apart and easy to clean.

Many manual breast pumps come complete with extra baby bottles, bottle nipples, and lids so you can pump your breast milk directly into a bottle. To feed your baby, remove the bottle from the pump and attach a nipple.

There are many models and styles of manual breast pumps available. The advances in design and the affordability make them a popular choice among breastfeeding mothers. Although the manual vs. electric breast pumps debate still exists, the only important thing in your choice is that it works well for you.

I bought and tried a pump that didn't work. Then my girlfriend lent me her Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump with 2 bottles and it worked like a dream! I really did find it simple to put together and easy to take apart and clean. I used it at home and I kept it in my office when I returned to work. I could easily pump 4 ounces in 7 minutes with this pump and when you are pumping in your office, you need to work quickly. The pump came with two bottles, so I had everything I needed. I loved this pump so much I never gave it back – good thing my girlfriend isn't having any more kids.
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