Polycarbonate Bottles

There has been a good deal of controversy surrounding polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and their safety since 1999. Scientific testing on polycarbonate baby bottles indicated that a chemical called bisphenol-A may leach from polycarbonate plastic into breast milk or baby formula when heated for 20 to 30 minutes at 100 degrees centigrade (212 degrees Fahrenheit). The controversial study tested the effects of bisphenol-A on mice. It did not examine human health effects or establish any relevance between the test results and human health.

Bisphenol-A is one of the most extensively studied substances because of its 40 year history of use in baby bottles and other food containers. Other studies have examined the exposure of food to bisphenol-A and the effects of bisphenol-A on human health and reproduction.

These studies have concluded that polycarbonate is safe for use in baby bottles. The FDA and JPMA have reaffirmed the safety of polycarbonate plastic baby bottles several times since the first news release concerning bisphenol-A. Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers' Association (JPMA) support the safe use of polycarbonate baby bottle. They agree that bottles warmed to room temperature are safe for your baby.

If you want to avoid heating polycarbonate plastic bottles, you can store and heat breast milk or formula in a glass bottle and pour it into the plastic bottle just before feeding your baby. You can also follow the FDA's suggestion and don't overheat bottles with breast milk or formula in them.

If you'd rather avoid polycarbonate bottles altogether, you have options. You can use glass bottles, opaque polyethylene plastic bottles, and plastic bottles with throwaway liners that do not contain bisphenol-A.

Hundreds of millions of parents have confidently used polycarbonate plastic baby bottles during the past four decades. Millions continue to use them. If you follow manufacturer instructions and the recommendations of the FDA and JPMA, you can use polycarbonate baby bottles as safely as you can use glass bottles.

If you are still unsure about polycarbonate plastic bottles, you can contact the FDA or the JPMA for more information. Alternately, you can read the JPMA's statement of support for polycarbonate bottles at the JPMA website.

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