For Mom

When pregnant, the world seems to revolve around your belly. As a new mom, the world revolves around your new baby. It is easy to feel left out or forgotten when the first question you hear is "how's the baby doing?" Don't lose hope! There are plenty of events and items that are just for mom, although most do require a sense of humor.

It may seem that the attention and items for mom are relegated to fitting your new breasts into a maternity bra and sorting through the different types of child care you may need in the future – not necessarily fun. Forcing a smile when you receive the third Baby's First Christmas sleeper is not fun either. Pregnancy and new motherhood forces you to hone your sense of humor – a quality that will get you through the adolescent years as well.

Moms do get a lot of the hard work, but there is a lot of fun and pampering as well. The classic event for mom is the baby shower. Of course, you can turn any baby shower into a co-ed event, but they are truly mom centered parties meant to encourage, support, and frighten, all in the name of love and good humor.

Not all keepsakes and gifts require that forced smile and thank you. Plenty of keepsakes for mom are meant to bring out the emotional new mom in you. They will continue to bring out the memories of your baby's arrival for years to come. Your baby's birth announcement lets you scream to the world that your baby is finally here - your way, in your words, in your style. A baby memory book is yours to flip through and allows you to re-live every moment again and again.

An essential and integral part of keeping it all together is the ability to be thorough and organized. No one can plan and organize like a mother, but a detailed set of checklists for everything from a basic layette to what you need when traveling with a baby can help any mom stay organized and sane.

Being a mom is full of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and more joy than you can possibly imagine. It comes with tasks that many could do without and many you wouldn't pass on if your life depended on it. It also comes with all the cheesy, novelty keepsakes that most moms toss in the donation bag after the picture is taken. There are many events and gifts for mom that keep the memories alive and make it all worthwhile, and the cheesy throw-away's are always worth a good laugh.

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