Baby Care

Bathing your newborn baby doesn't require very much- all you need is a safe place, some warm water, and a wash cloth. As your baby grows, you will want to add some yummy soap just because you like the scent, and some toys to play with while having fun in the bath. Use this checklist as a guide for all of your splish-splashing fun!

  1. Baby bathtub
  2. Slip-resistant bath pad to protect your older baby from slips and slides in the family bath tub.
  3. Baby wash or baby soap
  4. Baby shampoo
  5. Baby lotion
  6. Baby oil
  7. Baby powder
  8. 5-9 baby washcloths
  9. Puppet bath mitt
  10. 3-5 baby hooded towels
  11. Baby brush and comb- these tend to have soft bristles for your baby's tender skin.
  12. Baby nail clippers
  13. Floating water thermometer
  14. 3-5 floating tub toys
  15. 1-3 bath books
  16. Baby-safe bubbles
  17. Padded faucet protector- to prevent your baby from bumps and scrapes.
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