Baby Gift Registries

As an expectant parent, it is hard to resist running out and buying all the baby items you need. The urge to shop is overwhelming. If you just can't stop furnishing your nursery, a baby gift registry is the perfect way to let both local and out-of-town friends and family members know what you need or want.

Preparing a baby gift registry is an exciting process. Baby gift registries let you create your own customized wish list, whether they are necessities or luxuries. You can register for anything from cribs, bedding and baby clothes to toys. Every gift purchased from your registry is tracked, so you and the person buying the gift can be sure you won't be receiving duplicate items.

Many stores now offer online baby gift registries, which is a quick and easy way for friends and family to see what you need for your baby. By definition, baby gift registries are designed to make the gift-buying process as easy as possible for your friends and family. Online shopping only increases the convenience. If you are having more than one baby shower, you don't want to receive piles of duplicate gifts. If your friends and family purchase an item from the registry, you know for sure you won't be receiving two of the exact same item.

Most expectant mothers register during their seventh month of pregnancy. Some may wait until right before their baby shower to make sure it is as up-to-date as possible. Resisting that urge to shop while pregnant is hard! Even though well over half of new and expectant moms have internet access and can register online, a large number still choose to register in-store.

Registering in-store is an experience! The clerk at the registry counter hands you a bar scanner and away you go scanning to your heart's delight. It is easy to get carried away while hearing the beep-beep of a bar code scanner.

Here are a few pointers to make sure your baby gift registry is well-rounded and accessible to many:
  • Select items for your registry that fulfill a variety of baby needs, including nursery furniture, clothing, high-chairs, car seats and infant toys.
  • Select items from a wide price range. Some of your friends or family may not be able to spend as much money as others. You want to make sure you have a wide variety of prices so no one is left out or offended.
  • A complete baby gift registry contains items for baby's first year. Include items that you will use immediately and items you won't use until later in the year.
  • Do as much online research as you can before filling out the registry. This will help you to find the products that best suit your needs, with all the safety features you want, before adding items to your registry.
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