Naming Your Baby

Finding the perfect label for life

As a mom, most of those decisions concerning the baby to be will probably swing your way. Not because you’re the girl, but because you’re the one who’s read The Baby Whisperer and What to Expect, and because you’re the one who remembers when your Great Aunt Gloria showed you how to swaddle a newborn.

But when it comes to the name, it might not be so easy to come to a consensus between you and your partner. In fact, you’ll probably come up with a few different names that would all be perfect all on your own, and your partner may not like any of them. When the time comes, you may be surprised by the fight your partner puts up. And you may be surprised by the beautiful names he has in mind.

Keep these things in mind when you’re considering names:

  • Your child will create his or her own identity, and will bring new meaning to the name you choose.
  • Think about both your families’ heritage – should you follow your in laws’ trend of naming after dad, or should you look far back in your family tree and make a long lost name new again? (Middle names are a great use of obligatory names!)
  • Give your partner a timeline – tell him to have a list of favorites made a month or two before the baby is due so you can compare your lists – and keep an open mind because he might suggest a name you end up adoring
  • Make sure the name sounds good with your last name – Jennifer Hennifer would not be easy to bear
  • Be aware of the acronyms your baby names might spell because kids at school will notice that David Ulysses Harper is a big DUH
  • Be careful with trendy names, too - your child might end up as a number if she’s the third Taylor in the classroom
  • Celebrity names are dangerous because someone who is in the limelight for his great work on a religious film one year might be an anti-semetic alcoholic the next
  • Finally, be kind and listen to others’ suggestions, but remember that the honor of naming your baby belongs to you and your partner – don’t let anyone pressure you into naming your baby anything other than what you want

After all, you’re the one who’ll be screaming it at the top of your lungs when your “baby” is three years old and has just opened a bottle of crazy glue over your favorite living room chair.

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