Baby Shower Centerpieces

Moms-to-be are usually given baby showers when they are about six or seven months pregnant, although the shower can occur at any time that is convenient for the shower-giver and the expectant mother. Most people know about baby shower games – and pretty much everyone is aware of baby shower gifts. However, a lot of people don't know about baby shower centerpieces.

Types of Baby Shower Centerpieces

Here are some of the different kinds of centerpieces that can be used at baby showers:

  • Baby shower cakes. This is by far the most commonly used type of baby shower centerpiece. Most baby showers involve food after all, so many have baby shower cakes as the centerpieces of the event.
  • Faux cakes with baby shower supplies. These are becoming increasingly more common as a baby shower centerpiece these days as more crafters learn how to make them. The fake cakes are made using diapers, baby washcloths, baby bottles, and other baby shower supplies. Often, the faux cakes look quite a bit like real baby shower cakes!
  • Baby shower favors. These are sometimes used as a baby shower centerpiece. The person throwing the baby shower arranges the little bags of baby shower favors in a decorative manner on a presentation table.

Decorating Around the Baby Shower Centerpiece

Most of the time, the person throwing the baby shower will use the baby shower centerpiece as the main focus of the decorations. She gets a baby shower idea which typically starts with a centerpiece, such as baby shower favors. She decides that she will design the favors as her centerpiece, and then finds some baby shower decorations for the tables and walls that match the look of the favors.

Perhaps she also finds some balloons, streamers and other baby shower decorations that she can use on the door or on the mailbox outside to help partygoers find the house. In this manner, she has used her baby shower idea to plan the entire look of the shower based upon the centerpiece.

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