Baby Shower Decorations

If you are looking to throw a baby shower for a friend or family member, you probably want to make it special. You want to make it a baby shower that the mother-to-be will love, and one where everyone has fun. On the other hand, you have probably been to a few baby showers before, and you know that "fun" and "baby shower" really don't go together.

Well, it's time to toss that idea aside. Baby showers don't have to be unexciting and humdrum. You can throw a fun baby shower – if you are willing to put some effort into looking for the best baby shower ideas.

Looking for Ideas

There are dozens – if not hundreds – of websites that can help you put together any type of party. You just need to adapt the party to being a baby shower! There are also sites specifically about throwing baby showers. These sites will give you tons of baby shower ideas, from beginning to end, including baby shower decorations and party games. Try searching for "party planning," "baby shower planning" and "baby shower ideas." These searches should point you to some sites that are packed with ideas.

Where to Start

Many people who are in charge of throwing baby showers start with baby shower themes. Choosing to plan a party with the use of baby shower themes is preferred by many people because it gives a direction to the way the baby shower decorations are chosen as well as the way invitations and games are selected. Here are some sample themes (though there are hundreds of options – search the Internet for "baby shower themes"):

  • Practical party
  • Pamper the new mommy
  • Diaper shower
  • Children's library
  • Keeping baby safe

Planning the Party

After you have chosen your baby shower theme, you can then plan the rest of your party based around that theme. You can search for baby shower clipart online that matches your theme and then have baby shower invitations and baby shower decorations designed to go with it. Be sure to select a theme that will not be difficult to match up with the directions.

Adapt common party games to your theme – any type of party games, not just traditional baby shower games. Hand out baby shower favors that match your baby shower theme as well. With the right theme, your guests will surely have more fun at the baby shower.

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