Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you just can't picture your baby shower without a few baby shower games, pick a few classic shower games from our list, or if you are so inspired, create a new game to test and entertain your mom-to-be!

Bingo Cards

Gift Bingo – A fun way to keep your guests entertained when the mom-to-be is opening gifts! Use pre-filled baby shower gift bingo cards or make your own by filling in the squares on an empty bingo card with the names of baby shower gifts. Distribute bingo cards before gifts are opened. Guests mark off their squares if the mom-to-be opens a gift on their baby shower gift bingo card. The first person to complete a line on their card wins!

Name That Nursery Rhyme – A good refresher for all those nursery rhymes that linger somewhere in your memory. Create a one-line description for 10 nursery rhymes, with each one-liner describing the plot of the respective nursery rhyme. Leave a space beside each description. Guests read the description and provide the name of the nursery rhyme in the space provided. Distribute the sheets and a pen to each guest and give them 5 minutes to name as many nursery rhyme plots as they can remember. The guest with the most correct nursery rhyme names wins! Pick a few Name That Nursery Rhyme examples from the list below or create your own!

A spider was an unwelcome guest. Little Miss Muffet A merry king of the bush was he, snacking on gumdrops in a tree. Kookaburra This mommy and dog had a master and servant relationship. Old Mother Hubbard
This pretty boy went to sea. Bobby Shaftoe
He was a dandy with the girls. Yankee Doodle
He just couldn't straighten up. There was a Crooked Man.
Too many black birds in this kingdom. Sing a Song of Sixpence
Never steal her tarts! Queen of Hearts
When they come back, we'll all have tea! Polly, Put the Kettle On
She has quite a splendid garden. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
One was on the South beach diet, the other was on Atkins. Jack Sprat

A to Z Baby Names – If expectant parents have not chosen a name for their baby, this game can provide them with more baby name ideas than they will ever need! Divide the shower guests into two teams, one team for girl names and one team for boy names. Give each team a piece of paper with the alphabet listed down one side of the page. The teams have to race each other and fill in a name for every alphabet letter. The first team to find a name for each letter wins!

Mom and Dad Animal Name – Most people know that a baby horse is called a foal, but they may not know that a mommy horse is called a mare. Test your guests' ability to provide the proper name for a selection of animals or match the proper name with the correct animal. The first person to correctly identify or match all the animals with their proper name wins! Pick a few examples from the list below or create your own!

  • Animal – Mom/Dad/Baby
  • Whale - cow/bull/calf
  • Tiger – tigress/tiger/cub or whelp
  • Sheep – ewe or dam/buck or ram/ lamb or cosset
  • Kangaroo – flyer-jill-roo/buck-boomer-jack/joey
  • Human – mommy/daddy/baby
  • Moose – cow/bull/calf
  • Guinea pig – sow/boar/pup
  • Goose – goose/gander/gosling
  • Goat – doe or nanny/buck or billy/kid
  • Elephant – cow/bull/calf
  • Deer – doe/buck or stag/fawn
  • Cat – queen/tomcat/kitten
  • Alligator – cow/bull/hatchling

Baby Food Taste Test – Display a collection of baby food in unlabeled, numbered jars, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, pears, and potatoes. Give each guest a spoon and have them taste each puree and guess what kind of food is in the jar. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

Word of the Day – Choose a baby shower-related word, such as baby or cute. Pin 1 or 2 clothespins to each guest as they arrive and tell them the word. For the duration of the baby shower, each guest has to avoid saying the Word of the Day. If another guest catches you saying the Word of the Day, that guest gets your clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

The Tray Game – This is a very popular baby shower game! Fill a tray with a collection of baby items: baby mittens, nasal aspirator, a pacifier, a pull-up diaper, baby brush, gum massager, etc. Distribute a piece of paper and a pencil to each guest. The hostess walks around the room with the tray letting everyone get a good look at the items on the tray. After the hostess places the tray in another room, each guest has to write down as many of the baby items as they can remember. The person who remembered and correctly identified the most items wins! The collection of baby items is sent home with the mom-to-be as an additional baby shower gift.

Baby Bottle Guessing Game – Fill a baby bottle with jelly beans and place the bottle in a visible location with scraps of paper, a pen, and a bowl. Have guests guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle, jot their guess and their name on a scrap of paper, and toss it in the bowl. At the end of the baby shower, draw a name and number from the bowl – the first correct guess drawn from the bowl wins!

Baby Word Scramble – Pick 10 words related to babies, or if you chose a theme for your baby shower, pick 10 words related to your theme, and scramble the letters. Give each guest a copy of the scrambled words and a pencil. Give each guest 5 minutes to unscramble as many words as they can. The person with the most unscrambled words wins! Pick a few scrambled words from the list below or create your own!

  • Scrambled Word – Actual Word
  • Tisbenas – bassinet
  • Rseaance – cesarean
  • Kaebnlt – blanket
  • Tolbet – bottle
  • Roltslre – stroller
  • Paider – diaper
  • pelesre – sleeper
  • Licoc – colic
  • Purb – burp
  • Webrnon - newborn
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